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Transfer Program

Student Transfer Education Program (STEP)

Transfer Your Massage License Program – 100 Hours

  1. Request transcripts and complete course descriptions from the school you graduated from and have them sent directly to Bodymechanics School, ATTN: Transcripts, 2330 Mottmans Road SW #106, Tumwater WA 98512
    1. Transcripts submitted from the student will not be accepted.
  2. Complete and submit your application plus $100 fee
  3. Our staff will be in contact with you within one week upon receiving your transcripts, application, and fee.
  4. We will provide students with a completed evaluation form to show which subject areas have been met, and which are deficient.

Course Fees:

Each module is $500 for 20 hours of training.  Bundled pricing is $2000 for 100 hours – and yes, as always, Bodymechanics School will work with a payment plan.

Unsure if you want to take all 5 modules?  So long as each module is completed within 6 months, you pay $500 each for the first 4 modules and the 5th is FREE.

Purpose of STEP

The purpose of the program is to provide massage therapists an educational experience in a clinical setting – whether you need to transfer your massage license from another state, you need help with MBLEx test prep, or you are seeking massage continuing education – the STEP program offers flexible options to help you achieve your goals.

For those seeking to transfer their massage license into Washington State, our STEP program will facilitate the process for approval by the Washington State Department of Health.  Our core Transfer Program consists of 4 modules, (20 hours each) where upon completion, a Bodymechanics Transfer Certificate will be issued and a transfer completion form sent to the Washington State Department of Health.

For students who are struggling to pass the MBLEx, we offer a comprehensive 4-week training program that includes: review of Kinesiology, Anatomy & Physiology, and Ethics and Business concepts.  Bodymechanics passing rate on the MBLEx of 98% is designed for success.  If you are struggling to pass, reach out to us – Bodymechanics School wants to help you.

Finally, we offer a comprehensive 4 week Continuing Education program as well.  Bodymechanics graduates are in high demand both by clients and facilities because of their success with treating complex conditions.  In our 4 week program, students will gain knowledge in the Bodymechanics system – as well as meet the requirements for the 4 hours of Ethics CE that must be taken every 2 years.  Gain extensive knowledge and hands on training for conditions such as Frozen Shoulder, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Whiplash and more.

The modules can be completed in any order – but must be completed within 6 months of the first module completion date for the bundled pricing option.


Students will apply for the Transfer Program and have their massage school transcripts mailed to Bodymechanics School – HQ in Tumwater for review along with an application and review fee.  Individual consideration will be taken to ensure the school provides enough training to meet the requirements of the school and the Washington State DOH.  All transfer students must complete the Bodymechanics School Transfer Program – with additional hours added to their training dependent on their specific needs.

For example, Bodymechanics requires completion of 108 hours of Kinesiology – if your transcript indicates that you have completed 80 hours, then you must complete and additional 28 hours of Kinesiology coursework at Bodymechanics to receive your Transfer Program Certificate.  The coursework that you will need to complete will be determined upon receipt of your transcripts and will be reviewed with your prior to entering the Transfer Program.

For those seeking continuing education OR help with the MBLEx – simply call (360) 350-0015 and get registered for the class that interests you the most (or all of them for the bundled pricing.)

Upon completion of the program, graduates will receive a Transfer Diploma along with Continuing Education credit if applicable. CE certificates will be issued to those who take each CE course.

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