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Home Office 2330 Mottman Road #106. Tumwater WA 98512

Call Today to Explore Opportunities! (360) 350-0015

Tumwater Massage School

Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage


Weekend Class – 11/4/2023
Morning Class – 1/23/2024
Evening Class – 8/5/2024

Tumwater Massage School Location:

2330 Mottman Road SW,
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Tumwater WA 98512
Campus Phone: (360) 350-0015
Admissions Phone: (360) 918-2982

Massage Therapy Schools Are Not All Alike.

Massage schools are not all alike.  In fact, each schools has a unique approach to their education.  Our program is science based and offers a very linear approach to education. Each class taught builds off the information taught the day before.  You will dive deep into understanding the body – structure, anatomy, physiology, posture and learn to apply a variety of modalities to help clients overcome many acute and chronic conditions.

Our massage program sets students up for career success, with a 100% pass rate for the MBLEx on the first attempt.  (The MBLEx is the national certification exam required for licensure in Washington State.)  The Bodymechanics Program IS a national exam prep.

For information on tuition (including in-house payment plans) – click here
For information on our curriculum – click here

Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage differs from other massage therapy schools in that the majority of our focus throughout the program is on understanding and resolving complex pain and dysfunction that our clients face on a daily basis. We help students become critical thinkers who can assess and treat acute and chronic problems many of our population live with today.

Upon graduation, students are required to take the MBLEx to get their massage license.  Critical thinking skills is an important aspect to success on the MBLEx, and our focus on advanced theory helps students succeed as evidenced by our 100% success rate on the MBLEx.

Graduates from Bodymechanics School in Vancouver work for local chiropractors, clinics, spas and themselves. Demand in Vancouver for quality massage therapists is very high – we receive calls daily from local companies who are hiring massage therapists.

If your goal is to own your business – or work for one of the local businesses as an LMT – our program will support and prepare you for career success. Our Network of Business program connects you to local employers while a student to help you research your best career options.

There is high-demand according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics for massage therapists – and this profession is growing at a rate of 26% (much faster than average).  We also know that the need for human touch has been lacking greatly in the past 3 months.  Massage therapists may not be first-line defenders, but we are certainly second-line health care providers.  We take care of the trauma left behind in the wake of quarantine, stress, touch deprived and new work environments that may not offer the best ergonomics.

At Bodymechanics, we are Creating Exceptional Massage Therapists
Come and learn to change lives, one massage at a time.

Bodymechanics School students at the finish line of the Capital City Marathon

Discover Bodymechanics School Of Myotherapy & Massage, Offering Advanced Massage Education, Offered In An Integrated, Layered And Easy To Follow Program.

Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage was first launched in Olympia WA in 1999. The school grew quickly and developed a reputation of creating exceptional therapists in Olympia.

A new brand of massage school is evolving at Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage. Our students crave more than basic information. They desire to help their clients feel better.
We are committed to your success – and we’re here with you every step of the way.


“I just wanted to let you know we hired Chris. We have the largest practice in Vancouver and have been awarded Best of Clark County the last 5 years in a row. We usually have around 25 LMTs on staff at any given time and I wanted to tell you that in 19 years owning this clinic, Chris has the skill level of a 10+ year practitioner. Whatever you guys are doing over there.. good job!

We start at $40/hr plus gratuity, have healthcare and retirement benefits and low turnover – everyone is happy here – so if you come across anyone you ever want to send our way they would get top priority.” Dr. Seth Hutton, Vancouver Chiropractic


I have been self-employed since day 1 and since then I’ve been able to match or exceed my retail salary that I left.  Since then, my practice has grown exponentially. I’ve been able to make $10k months as a business owner, just by myself  and my business is expanding.” Madison Pate, LMT


“My time here at Bodymechanics was phenomenal. It was a great experience with great instructors who created a lot of space and time for us to work through our weaknesses but were also great about celebrating every triumph and every victory.” Jon Henares

Info Sessions.

Join Bodymechanics School staff to learn more about our program, our curriculum, our teaching philosophy, financing options as well as tour our facility.

Info Sessions are currently held via Zoom.  Call or click to register for the session and to receive a link to join.

Call to reserve your spot at one of our Info Sessions – (360) 350-0015 or call our Admissions team at (360) 918-2982.

Info Sessions

Join Bodymechanics School staff to learn more about our program, our curriculum, our teaching philosophy, financing options as well as tour our facility.

Call the campus at (360) 350-0015 or Admissions team at (360) 928-2982 to learn the schedule and register to join our Zoom

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