Why a PT Assistant Chose Weekend Massage School

Meet Rhonda S. who is one of our weekend massage school students.  Rhonda is already a successful physical therapy assistant – who has always dreamt of massage school.  Read her story here.

Why Massage School? Pursuing a dream!

I really love my job as a Physical Therapist Assistant. At the first clinic I worked in back in 2008 both the therapist and assistant were also massage therapists. I felt that the good results our patients experienced were largely due to the amount of soft tissue work they received before the strengthening and corrective exercises were introduced. Since then I have wanted to also become a Licensed Massage Therapist. I have taken some soft tissue courses for my continuing education requirements over the years but using what I learned at those courses, still felt incomplete and disconnected.

Finally, timing and opportunity came together and I began looking at the area schools available. As I compared curriculums I felt Bodymechanics offered what I was looking for. And really Bodymechanics just felt intuitively right. When I read Shari’s “Manifesto” on the website, I thought to myself “that’s exactly how I feel!”

I chose to attend the weekend course because it was the only one
that would work with my job schedule. I may have been able to make the night course Weekend student Rhondawork but I know me, my brain wants to stop all serious thought at 8 pm! So I was very grateful that the weekend schedule had been added. (When I first looked into going to Bodymechanics it was not offered) It takes a year by going on weekends as opposed to 9 months, but what is a year in the larger scheme of things. I’d already been waiting 7 years!

So I jumped in with both feet in Sept 2014 and to my great shock my husband Eric also decided to go to Bodymechanics to become a LMP! Our kids are grown so family obligations were not a problem. I do have to say though when balancing work, home, school something has to give. My carpet does not get vacuumed as often as it probably should, we are growing a meadow of weeds in the yard (which grow in spite of the heat and lack of rain darn it) J but thanks to the dry weather the grass is not a problem. It does require time management and discipline to get in everything that NEEDS to be done, DONE you get good at prioritizing. I am glad we are nearing graduation though, it will be GREAT to have weekends back! The way it’s scheduled though we usually have 1 weekend off per month (sometimes 2) so it gives a sense of having some time off.

I am very fortunate that I have already been able to use what I learn in class to help my patients in the physical therapy clinic. I feel like I see more of the whole picture of what is going on with a person because of what I’ve learned at Bodymechanics and definitely have more tools in my now even larger toolbox J I have been able to help patients achieve the results they are looking for in pain relief and functionality due to these new skills.

Eric and I now have plans to have our own wellness business called Movement Medics Massage! Very excited about that!!! I have had a vision for a wellness center since I was 16 and I believe both massage and physical therapy are part of that.J

If there is something that just keeps staying in the back of your mind that you would like to do “if only”, don’t give up! The timing and opportunity will come!!! If you are considering a career in massage, you should attend one of the intro seminars at Bodymechanics to see if it’s for you.

Congrats Rhonda – and Eric!  Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage is better because of students like both of you.  It will be exciting to see your business progress over the years.

We have an upcoming weekend class that begins November 3rd, 2018.  Bodymechanics School is accepting applications for weekend classes.  If you are managing work and family and can’t attend morning or evening classes – weekend sessions may be perfect for you.

Weekend massage classes are held 2-3 weekends a month which allows students to still have weekends to enjoy life.

Give us a call at (360) 350-0015 for questions and start the application process.

Committed to your success-
Shari Aldrich, LMT