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Creating Exceptional Massage Therapists

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Student Spotlight – Theresa Turpel

Our Student Spotlight for this month is Vancouver campus evening class student Theresa Turpel. Theresa started school in November, 2018 and will graduate in September of 2019. Theresa Turpel Why did you choose massage therapy? What's your story... As far back as I can remember, I associated massage and touch therapy with comfort and a method for consoling others. So many of the basic concepts come to us all naturally and everything I read on it in my teens really connected with those instincts. Learning the real “why’s” behind it all in class now has strengthened my belief of the effect we have on each other and how we can direct that in positive ways. Massage makes me feel strong, hopeful, happy, and energized and I look forward to putting that same result onto those I get to work on. Each time I give a massage that has a visibly positive affect I feel invigorated and a growing sense of self-worth. I know that the more I continue to learn, the more I can assist others in being their best selves and achieving their own goals as well!Why did you choose Bodymechanics School? Bodymechanics had reviews from former students that really resonated with me. The focus on treatment was a missing piece in a lot of schools I had explored in the past. In the few short months I’ve been in class, I’ve been so excited to have my mind blown over and over with the concepts and practices introduced. I’m confident that what they teach will allow us to assist people in properly healing and to make real differences in people’s lives. How is class going for you so far? The instructors, administration, and my classmates have been phenomenal in both conveying subject material and in encouraging me to ...
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Vancouver Massage Instructors – Our Dream Team

Vancouver Massage Instructors - Our Dream Team It's rare to find a group of people who are so in alignment with your vision and mission.  Yet, when it happens and you are able to hire the dream team it's amazing.  I was able to hire the BEST team of instructors for our Vancouver massage school recently and I'm so excited to share. Bodymechanics School has always been known for our advanced model of education.  With a strong focus on injury treatment based on science, our curriculum matches our goals of graduating massage therapists who hold a strong foundation in science-based modalities and are critical thinkers (AKA - no cookie cutter massages here!)  Our graduates are prepared to work in a variety of settings:  from private practice, to chiropractor offices to clinics and spas. To reach our goals, our staff are chosen based on their ability to inspire our students, to teach them our advanced curriculum and to create exceptional massage therapists. I recently hired our dream team of instructors - those who are excelling in their practice and who exhibit the traits necessary to help our students reach their goals. They were also chosen because of their passion and support of the schools vision and mission. As Bodymechanics School moves closer to our goal of a therapeutic and rehab based program between massage therapy and personal training, our instructors are ready to facilitate this growth. Bodymechanics School in Vancouver is now approved to offer our Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist program.  We are currently working on designing the dream space to hold the massage and personal training programs.  At almost 4 years in Vancouver, we are growing and it feels good.  And for good measure, Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage (Tumwater) has been an approved school with ...
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Massage School in Vancouver Enrolling for Evening Classes

Vancouver Massage School - Enrolling for Evening Classes If you are looking for a massage school in Vancouver, WA, take a closer look at Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage.  Our Vancouver Massage School campus is now enrolling for our evening class that begins April 24, 2017.  Our campus is conveniently located at 7723 NE Fourth Plain Blvd in Vancouver and we have easy access from all highways. Evening classes are held Monday through Thursday evenings from 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm and our linear program runs for 9 months.  (Linear means that each class is sequential and you will start and stop the program with the same classmates.) What makes Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage unique? We educate on the 4 foundational pillars - or as I like to call them, the 4 Pillars of Success: Technique - Our graduates receive advanced treatment that is guaranteed to fill their schedules. Most schools spend tons of time on the most basic of massage theory, teaching the basics without a ton of theory behind it. Our school teaches the basics as well, but once they learn the basics, we put on the layers in teaching posture, structure, injury and advanced techniques. Marketing - You can have the best techniques in the world, but if you don’t know how to get the word out to the world, then no one will find you. Marketing is critical. How does Bodymechanics School help you in this area? First, we go far beyond the state required number of business hours in our syllabus. We have instructors who excel in teaching business concepts, and often bring in guest presenters for their area of expertise. Communication - Your skills in communicating will be a primary factor in your success. Critical Thinking Skills - This pillar is powerful ...
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Vancouver Massage School – Students Pass State Exam

First Students Have Passed the State Exam Normally this wouldn't be a subject for a blog post.  Since we maintain a 99% pass rate on the national certification exam that is required by the State of Washington to get licensed as a massage therapist, the fact that the first students have passed the exam would be expected.  This is no different - and yet, altogether, newsworthy. Let me explain. Last December, I returned home from an international trip to a voicemail message telling me that the only massage school in Vancouver, Washington was closing their doors to new students.  I had  long had the idea of opening a second location but hadn't decided where that location would be.  When I heard that the Vancouver area was losing their only massage school, I jumped on the opportunity to open my second massage school 90 miles from my first location. The decision to open  Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage in Vancouver was solidified in January, a location was found in February and we then began the process of telling the community about our school.  Info sessions were held.  Facebook ads were created.   Equipment was purchased.  Staff were hired.  All the while, the main school in Tumwater kept churning along and graduating exceptional massage therapists. We launched our inaugural class in Vancouver on March 22, 2016 with 5 students.  I remember each student that I met with - how excited they were for massage, and sharing my vision with them individually allowed them to see the future. Challenges along the way For the past 11 months, there have been challenges to overcome.  Yet, each challenge was met by a determined group of professionals who have stepped up to ensure that the first class experience was a success.  Equipment purchases were done ...
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Student Spotlight: Ryan Cotton

Student Spotlight:  Ryan Cotton Our student spotlight on the month is Ryan Cotton who attends Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage at our Vancouver campus. Ryan is part of our inaugural morning class and is just 3 months into the 8.5-month program. Many people enter Bodymechanics School with a desire to help people and Ryan is no different.  He chose massage therapy because of a desire to help people.  Specifically, Ryan wants to work with athletes in pain to help them recover faster, gain better mobility and perform better.  Being a lifelong athlete himself, Ryan knows and understand the benefits of massage and self care. Much of our time learning about starting a  business and learning ninja marketing skills is spent identifying our niche market and ideal client – Ryan is well on his way since he already knows his ideal client. Ryan has had many jobs over the years in an attempt to find out what he wants to do.  He’s worked in restaurant management, data entry, call centers, bankruptcy, foreclosure solutions, Traumatic Brain Injury adult care and he’s even sold life insurance.  He has degrees in art and graphic design but couldn’t find a niche within that world that he loved. Outside of massage school, Ryan stays active.  He says “If I’m not moving and outdoors, then I am not living.”  He’s a retired ultra runner, enjoys running the occasional 5k or 10k.  He started racing cyclocross last season.  But he also enjoys rock climbing, hiking, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, martial arts, reading and cooking. Ryan discovered Bodymechanics School while searching for a massage program to join and was seconds away from enrolling at a different massage school in Portland.  He decided to do one last Google search to see if there were any massage therapy schools ...
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Massage Therapy School – Vancouver WA

Massage Therapy School - Vancouver WA Bodymechanics School is proud to be an established massage school in Vancouver WA since 2016.  Our established massage program has enriched the lives of countless people already in the greater Vancouver area - from students, to clients, to employers. But our program isn't new - we've been an established massage program in Washington State since 1999!  Our campus in Tumwater WA has graduated thousands of therapists in the Pacific Northwest for more than 20 years.  With exceptional instructors across 2 campuses, our graduates are prepared for career success. Our commitment to bringing Vancouver WA a massage school began in 2015 When school owner, Shari Aldrich, LMT heard that the other massage therapy program in town was closing and relocating their massage school to Tigard, Oregon, she jumped on the chance to bring Bodymechanics School to Vancouver WA.  She already had plans for a second location in the works - and honestly, she jumped at the chance to open in Vancouver.  She  met many of the staff and graduates from Everest College and though saddened for what they went through, the opportunity to open a second massage campus in the Pacific Northwest was a great opportunity.  The therapists I've met are wonderful people and are very close knit. From the Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board: Everest Campuses Closing The Everest College Bremerton, Seattle, Renton, and Vancouver campuses are closing. Zenith Education Group announced that students at these campuses will have the opportunity to attend other campuses, including Everest College Everett and Tacoma, as well as the Everest Institute Tigard campus in Oregon. Students will be able to complete their training at these consolidated campuses. Approximately 300 students are affected, according to Zenith, which acquired the campuses earlier this year from the now defunct Corinthian Colleges, Inc ...
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Student Spotlight – Sandy Parks of our Vancouver Campus

Student Spotlight - Sandy Parks We are spotlighting Sandy Parks this month for our student spotlight.  Sandy attends Bodymechanics School at our Vancouver campus and is 1 of 5 students in our inaugural class. Prior to massage, Sandy laid fiberoptic phone cable in the ocean.  She traveled the world, spending a lot of time off the coasts of South America, Japan, Canada and Mexico doing ship board operations, and splicing fiber optic cable. Sandy chose to get into massage therapy after discovering a broader use for the modality than just relaxation.  She had been suffering through a shoulder injury and felt that surgery was the next option to get relief from the pain she was feeling. The pain was bad enough that Sandy felt that her hobby of running obstacle course races was over.  Treatment with her Physical Therapist, who used massage strokes, helped Sandy learn how massage can help with injury recovery. Sandy chose Bodymechanics School in Vancouver after attending an open house information session.  She saw an ad on Facebook and decided to come and take a closer look at the school.  Upon hearing about our focus on injury treatment to help clients with painful conditions, Sandy signed up and everything just fell into place. Sandy is enjoying school so far and is excited to keep learning.  Her class is small - just 5 total students, but Sandy feels that will help with the education process. Sandy is definitely an active person who enjoys running spartan races, karate, riding her motorcycle, and salmon fishing.  Her husband and 2 boys - ages 13 and 9 - keep her busy and often they are found doing  these activities together.  Her family is supportive of her going back to school, with the kids stepping up and helping more around the house ...
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Vancouver Massage School Now Open

Vancouver Massage School Now Open Vancouver WA has a new massage school! Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage has been very busy at our new Vancouver campus setting up massage tables, lecture tables, and buying all the equipment and supplies to start our first class.  It's been a very exciting time.  Our location at 7723 NE Fourth Plain Blvd is just perfect - both for location and size. Our banners are up.  Street signage is done.  The window coverings are in place, offering privacy from the outside, but allowing light on the inside.  We are looking sharp, if we say so ourselves. We have space for 20 students per class - plenty of room for you to come in and learn our advanced massage program.  Our instructors are amazing - and ready to teach you from their many years of professional massage practice. Each week, more equipment is coming in - from office equipment to massage equipment, to student supplies and to instructor gear.  It's been a lot of fun seeing the progress each week. So, why did we open a massage school in Vancouver, WA? Well, when we heard that the other massage school in town was closing their doors we thought it would be a shame for Vancouver to be without a massage school.  The Vancouver community is very supportive of massage therapy - and certainly deserves to have a massage school.  Plus, it has been a dream of mine to open a second location - and I just felt that Vancouver would be the perfect place to spread our wings to.  Once I made the decision to open in Vancouver, a space was located, the lease was signed and we were on our way.  Since that early decision, many professional massage therapists in Vancouver has been amazing ...
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Vancouver test blog

Now Enrolling We are now enrolling students for our upcoming classes at Bodymechanics School.     Tumwater Massage Therapy Morning class - July 26, 2016 Evening class - October 31, 2016 Weekend class - December 2016 Personal Training Level 1 Evening Certified Personal Trainer - May 2, 2016 Level 2 Morning class Corrective Exercise - May 22, 2016 Level 1 Morning Certified Personal Trainer - August, 2016 Vancouver Massage Therapy Morning class - Morning class April 22 Evening class - July 18, 2016 As you can see, we have many classes starting in the next few months.  Set up your time to meet with us, or attend a free informational session, and get your questions answered. We are excited to share the opening of our school in Vancouver, WA this week.  It is pretty great to move into a new town and start spreading the word about your school and get the community to learn and get on board with your school.  We launched our inaugural class with 4 students - but it is our goal to add more students in the next month.  If you are interested in the morning class in Vancouver, don't hesitate to call - we can easily catch students up to the early classes and will take students until April 22nd. The Vancouver campus looks great and is a wide open format.  Each week, we've seen the addition of new equipment, wall hangings, office equipment and so on.  It's been fun to put it together. Tumwater is rolling along as always.  We have awesome students in all 3 of our class sessions:  morning, evening and weekend.  Our next graduation will be in July when we say goodbye to our morning students.  I can't believe I just said that - it seems like they just started. Morning ...
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Massage Therapy is in High Demand

Massage Therapy is in High Demand That's right, you read that right - massage therapy IS in high demand across the US.  The world is changing at lightening speed.  We see these changes in technology every day - consider how the phone has changed in our lifetime.  It's incredible.  In healthcare, we see this in how lives are being saved by medical advancements. In my small corner of the world, I've seen how medical advancements have saved my hand after the traumatic finger amputation I suffered in 2013 (read my story here.)  I've seen my nephew saved from near death from Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia this year.   I've seen my sister and dad both live through cancer. Massage Therapy helps ease many health related conditions I've used my massage career to help those in pain and suffering from cancer, amputations, sports related injuries, car accidents, shoulder injuries, unexplained pain, nerve impingement conditions and so on and it's been amazing.  When I say that massage therapy is in high demand, it truly is.  People everyday utilize massage therapy to help them through so many health related concerns. When I interview potential students, the #1 reason they want a massage therapy career is to help people in pain.  That's exciting for me as the owner of an advanced therapy massage school who's primary focus is teaching advanced massage theory and techniques. I hear stories from these potential students who have helped their mom/dad/grandma/friend through pain by massaging them - and now they are ready to learn the art of massage and want (no, crave) an advanced education. During class, we educate students on many conditions thru Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology and delve into our specific and unique Pathology & Treatment classes - which are the cornerstone of our program.  We go way ...
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