Now Enrolling

We are now enrolling students for our upcoming classes at Bodymechanics School.    Register Now

  • Tumwater
    • Massage Therapy
      • Morning class – July 26, 2016
      • Evening class – October 31, 2016
      • Weekend class – December 2016
    • Personal Training
      • Level 1 Evening Certified Personal Trainer – May 2, 2016
      • Level 2 Morning class Corrective Exercise – May 22, 2016
      • Level 1 Morning Certified Personal Trainer – August, 2016
  • Vancouver
    • Massage Therapy
      • Morning class – Morning class April 22
      • Evening class – July 18, 2016

As you can see, we have many classes starting in the next few months.  Set up your time to meet with us, or attend a free informational session, and get your questions answered.


We are excited to share the opening of our school in Vancouver, WA this week.  It is pretty

Our first Intro to Massage Therapy Workshop
Our first Intro to Massage Therapy Workshop

great to move into a new town and start spreading the word about your school and get the community to learn and get on board with your school.  We launched our inaugural class with 4 students – but it is our goal to add more students in the next month.  If you are interested in the morning class in Vancouver, don’t hesitate to call – we can easily catch students up to the early classes and will take students until April 22nd.

The Vancouver campus looks great and is a wide open format.  Each week, we’ve seen the addition of new equipment, wall hangings, office equipment and so on.  It’s been fun to put it together.

Tumwater is rolling along as always.  We have awesome students in all 3 of our class sessions:  morning, evening and weekend.  Our next graduation will be in July when we say goodbye to our morning students.  I can’t believe I just said that – it seems like they just started.

Morning class in Tumwater is getting ready to start student clinic in just a couple of weeks.  We are scheduling for clinic – and you can schedule your session by calling (360) 350-0015.  Our discount student clinic rate is just $35 and hasn’t changed price since the schools inception in 1999.  Our morning sessions will be held every Friday starting April 15, until the class graduates in July with sessions at 9:30 am and 11:00 am.

In our personal training school, we are set to launch our inaugural Level 2 Corrective Exercise Specialist program on March 22nd.  Our instructors have been working hard to develop the curriculum and we are excited to get started with our Level 2 certification.

We will be starting an evening Level 1 Certified Personal Trainer course in early May.  These 4 month programs move quick – and it’s exciting to see how much they learn in a short amount of time!  Our next morning Level 1 CPT course will be in August.


As you can see, Bodymechanics School is very busy.  We are in a constant “now enrolling” phase with our different programs.  If you see a course that interests you, just give us a call – we’d love to talk to you and share our news and talk about how we can help you become excellent in massage and/or personal training.

Committed to your success-

Shari Aldrich, LMP
Bodymechanics School
(360) 350-0016