Vancouver Massage School – Enrolling for Evening Classes

If you are looking for a massage school in Vancouver, WA, take a closer look at Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage.  Our Vancouver Massage School campus is now enrolling for our evening class that begins March 6, 2023.  Our campus is conveniently located at 7723 NE Fourth Plain Blvd in Vancouver and we have easy access from all highways.

Evening classes are held Monday through Thursday evenings from 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm and our linear program runs for 9 months.  (Linear means that each class is sequential and you will start and stop the program with the same classmates.)

What makes Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage unique?

We educate on the 4 foundational pillars – or as I like to call them, the 4 Pillars of Success:

  • TechniqueOur graduates receive advanced treatment that is guaranteed to fill their schedules. Most schools spend tons of time on the most basic of massage theory, teaching the basics without a ton of theory behind it. Our school teaches the basics as well, but once they learn the basics, we put on the layers in teaching posture, structure, injury and advanced techniques.
  • Marketing You can have the best techniques in the world, but if you don’t know how to get the word out to the world, then no one will find you. Marketing is critical.

    How does Bodymechanics School help you in this area?

    First, we go far beyond the state required number of business hours in our syllabus. We have instructors who excel in teaching business concepts, and often bring in guest presenters for their area of expertise.

  • CommunicationYour skills in communicating will be a primary factor in your success.
  • Critical Thinking SkillsThis pillar is powerful – and it’s the one that makes Bodymechanics School graduates stand out from the rest of the crowd.

What is the job outlook for Massage Therapists?

This is such a great question and I love to answer this one! There is such a great opportunity for success in the massage profession – whether someone chooses to work for themselves, or go to work in a clinic or spa.

The reality is that there is so many jobs available for massage therapists. Think about it this way: 1 chiropractor  can keep 5 massage therapists busy full time. A chiropractor seeing 30-40 patients a day in 15-minute increments likely has many of those clients seeing a massage therapist prior to an adjustment. A massage therapist can only see one patient an hour. The math shows that 1 chiropractor can keep 5 massage therapists busy full time.

That said, I am here to show you that you can have a full clientele on your own, not working for a chiropractor or a spa.

As a discipline, we are massaging somewhere between 9-20% of the population for a once a month massage. We know that massage is growing quickly and becoming more acceptable as a valid part of a client’s healthcare team.

Bodymechanics School excels at creating graduates that are prepared with advanced theory and technique. Graduates who are prepared to work for themselves or for someone else. I certainly encourage self-employment, but understand that some students will want to work for someone else.

Regardless, you can see that there is a tremendous need for more therapists.

According to the US Bureau and Labor Statistics, Massage Therapy is growing faster than all other professions combined. You’re in the right place, at the right time. Massage therapy is growing and becoming more acceptable.

I heard this recently and it got me to thinking about the massage profession:

Small business is the lifeblood of the United States economy.  Almost 90% of the US firms have less than 20 employees.

Massage therapists are positioning themselves to create their own economy – and their own financial independence.  This bodes well for someone who wants to jumpstart their career now!

So, what do you need to do to get started in this March class?
Step 1 – call us at (360) 350-0015 and lets talk!
Step 2 – Schedule a Zoom Career Planning Session
Step 3 – Submit your application
Step 4 – Set up your contract meeting and lets discuss financing options.  We are able to work with most budgets with in-house financing without a credit check.  See more here –>  tuition options

Read on for a couple of case studies of successful evening class graduates.

Case Study 1 

School owner Shari Aldrich graduated from Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage in 2006.  She attended evening classes while working as an IT Director for a local home health & Hospice agency.  Her job entailed managing 150 computer and 7 servers in 2 offices in 2 states by herself.  Stress and deaths in her family led Shari to search out viable options for a new career.

Shari received her first massage in February 2004 while training for the Seattle Marathon.  The introductory massage was a 15 minute sports massage.  She scheduled a full hour massage after that and had an epiphany during the full massage that “this is what she had been looking for her whole life.”  Not as a career, but for her own health.

While training for the marathon, her massage therapist often encouraged her to check out massage school as a new career option.  Shari attended an introductory massage workshop and was hooked.  She started night school in February, 2005 and graduated in March, 2006.

Teenage daughters and her husband adjusted to her schedule of work and school and Shari was able to focus on school.  One interesting trick she learned was to incorporate her massage practice into her kids softball schedule by bringing her massage table to the ball field and working on kids between games.

Shari has now been in practice since 2006 and became the school owner in 2010.

Case Study 2

Jose “Joe”  may not be your typical massage student with his 17 years serving in the US military.  Yet, he found himself drawn to the holistic approach to healthcare through massage therapy.  Joe noticed that those who sought out just chiropractic care, drugs or physical therapy for their aching backs, necks and legs related to military service didn’t get as much relief as those who included massage therapy in their healthcare.

So, surprising himself and his family, Joe started researching massage schools and made a decision in July to join Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage in Olympia, Washington.  His days soon filled with working full time during the day as a cook for the military and evening massage school at Bodymechanics School 4 nights a week.

Joe was attracted to Bodymechanics School  primarily that our focus on massage therapy as a stand-alone program in just 8 shorts months was tops (compared to programs that take 2 years through an Associate degree.)    Beyond that, Joe was intrigued by our student success as practitioners upon graduation was a strong second.  He researched for quite some time on the internet and just felt that Bodymechanics School was the best option for him and his goals.  Innovation and integration with other programs at the school has convinced Joe that he made the right choice for his future goals.

Other attributes that Joe really appreciates about Bodymechanics School are the small class size which allow instructors to give individual focus to students.  He doesn’t feel that instructors time is split too thin between students.  Kinesiology is his favorite class  describing the instructors passion for teaching, her dedication to massage therapy and her vibrant personality as catalysts to student success.

If Joe was to put his short time here into perspective, he would call it transitional.  His 17 years in the military has put him in a community that he is very comfortable with – fellow military personality.   They all speak the same language, understand each others thoughts and actions.  Massage school is allowing him the ability to transition into civilian life and is broadening his horizon.

During the second week in school, I told Joe that I could see him going through a major transition during school and was excited to see the person he will become at graduation.  He was surprised that I thought he would change so much.  I asked him today if he believes that he has changed, and he said emphatically yes!

I am happy to help you however I can figure out the school or tuition – lets talk!

Bodymechanics School has so much to offer and new things planned for the next class.

Committed to your success-

Shari Aldrich, LMT
Bodymechanics School