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Creating Exceptional Massage Therapists

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  • Massage Therapy Class Schedule


    • Morning Classes start May 4, 2021
    • Evening Classes start September 20, 2021
    • Weekend Classes start November 6, 2021


  • Personal Training School – Olympia

    Due to COVID, we have postposed our Personal Training program and will restart when safe.


Alliance for Massage Therapy Education Board Position Announcement

Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage is proud to announce that school president, Shari Aldrich, LMT has accepted a position as Vice President on the Alliance for Massage Therapy Education board. The Alliance is a member-based non-profit organization which serves to elevate standards of massage therapy education.   Elevating the standards of massage therapy education is something Shari believes strongly about having witnessed countless massage educators without the skills, knowledge, attitudes or habits necessary to uphold promises to incoming students who place TRUST in the school and the education promised. Joining the board of the AFMTE allows Shari to continue on her mission to help 1 million people find their way out of pain - physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. Shari says that "becoming a massage therapist, massage educator and massage school owner has allowed her to facilitate healing in those she reaches."   When Shari joined massage school in 2005, she thought she would die before she was 40.  She had 2 siblings who died in their 30's and her mom died at 59.  All of this happened in just 7 years.  At the time, she served as an IT Director for a home health & hospice agency and was overworked and highly stressed. Massage therapy changed her life.  It set her on a course to find joy again in helping others through compassionate and ethical touch.  Educating others brought out the coach in her - that person who desires to help others perform better in all activities. When Shari bought Bodymechanics School in 2010, her goal to create exceptional massage therapists launched.  Today, Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage graduates between 75-100 therapists and personal trainers each year. Shari joined the marketing committee with the AFMTE in 2019 to share her passion and knowledge in marketing.  Granted, 2020 has not ...
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Weekend Massage School Student

In November of 2019, Wanju Kellams started our weekend massage school program because she wanted to learn how to help people feel better by using her hands. With more than 50% of the program complete, she has refined her decision to include working with people to prevent further pain and help her clients grow in wellness. Wanju joined our weekend massage school program specifically because it fit around her work schedule, allowing her to work Monday – Friday and go to weekend classes 2-3 weekends per month. Since November, there have been many changes to the massage industry. Namely, the novel coronavirus essentially shut down the massage therapy industry. Massage schools were also forced to close around the country as the CDC worked to figure out how to control the pandemic. Washington State Department of Health closed our massage school on March 12, 2020. Bodymechanics School owner, Shari Aldrich, set a plan to immediately switch to an online platform and a week later, the morning, evening and weekend classes were meeting in the Zoom classroom. Licensed massage therapists around the country spent weeks and months navigating their new reality and how to sign up for unemployment - while our students were learning to navigate the online school. According to the American Massage Therapy Association, each state will have its own way to consider safely reopening that includes first that therapists need to gain a full understanding of any new laws and ordinances at the local, state and national levels and adjust practices accordingly. As a massage school approved to operate by the Washington State Board of Massage, Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage has to follow our state and board regulations to open our school. Our formal plan to reopen was submitted to the state the day before they announced ...
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Your Time Has Come—A Call to Action

Your Time Has Come—A Call to Action Friends, touch deprivation is a real thing. Babies die without touch. And in our current isolations during this pandemic, people are becoming painfully aware of just how paralyzing life can be without direct connection. We are seeing evidence of this as many people take unknown risks to just get out of the house and be around others. We are on the brink of what we’ve all been waiting for—the world waking up to the truth that massage therapists have known all along… touch is essential. Now there’s no need to debate about “essential workers,” because I’m using the word in its original Webster’s definition here, “something basic; something necessary, indispensable, or unavoidable.” Just as many in the massage profession are pointing out daily, we will play a necessary and indispensable role in the recovery and healing of our communities. The decades (maybe lifetimes) of fear and anxiety in each unique and beautiful life around us is reaching a tipping point. In the social sciences, a tipping point is when a group of people dramatically changes and adopts behavior that was rarely practiced previously. This tipping point will be the widespread use of touch therapies to manage fear and anxiety, as well as all the associated physical and emotional pain. In the words of Su Bubik at the Institute for Massage Education, “We train and we wait until it’s safe and we can use our talents and abilities to heal the residual traumas, once the crisis is abating. We’re the time release capsule sort of profession, that continues on with the healing long after the trauma is no longer on the news.” Massage is the most basic, most fundamentally human thing to do. It’s something we all can do. And it’s something those of ...
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Shari Aldrich: A million people out of pain

Shari Aldrich is on a mission to help a million people get out of pain.
In 2004, Shari woke up with a dream to run a marathon and she said to herself "don't even think about going back to sleep - get up, get dressed, go run."
And she did.
That first day, she ran 1/2 mile.
The next day, 1 mile.
Soon she was up to 5 miles regularly. At the time, Shari was an IT Director supporting 150 computers and 7 servers in 10 office and 2 states by herself - and the president of the company refused to get her any help. She was taking between 10-12 ibuprofen every day to deal with the headaches and stress she felt.
And she thought she would die before she was 40. She had good reason to believe this.
Her brother Steve died at 36 years old from a stroke in 1997.
3 years later, her mom died of lung cancer at 59 years old.
4 years after that, her older sister died in a head-on collision on the freeway at 39 years old.
Half her family died in 7 short years. Running the marathon was Shari's way to claim her life and change the direction of where she was going. Coming across the finish line of the Seattle marathon in November, 2004 - Shari felt strong emotions for life lost, and gained. Massage School changed her life She got her first massage as part of her training for the marathon and the minute hands were laid upon her back, it was an epiphany that massage was what she was looking for her whole life - not as a career, but for her own health. Over the course of marathon training, she began getting weekly massages and decided to join Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage in 2005, ...
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New Staff: Inspired and Exceptional

New Staff:  Inspired and Exceptional Bodymechanics School is on a mission to inspire the exceptional within each student we teach.  We are fired up by this mission and bring this into every class we teach.  Our goal is to bring in the best instructors, with the most passion, so that students are inspired every class.  This may seem like it's not so important - when in reality, it is very important. Across our Tumwater and Vancouver locations, we hire staff who bring passion  to the class and subject they are teaching.  This helps our students learn from instructors who love the topic they are speaking on. When I was in massage school, I was taught Kinesiology by a chiropractor.  I enjoyed my instructor as a person - he was awesome. But, muscles weren't his passion, and consequently, I didn't perform as well in Kinesiology as I could have. I personally don't like giving chair massage or pregnancy massages.  I have nothing against either, it's just not something I like to do.  As a student, you don't want me teaching those courses because I'm going to put off a negative energy around those topics.  So yes, instructors who are passionate about a topic is very important to the development of a student. The environment a student enters into should be challenging, inspired, exciting, productive and fruitful.  Our focus in 2018 has been to bring in staff who exemplify these traits. As a student, you want to know that you are entering into a school that will take you to the desired outcome - graduation and a successful career.  You want to be inspired every day by the instructors and the program.  You want to learn and feel confident that you will pass exams.  You want to have the tools necessary to ...
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Massage School Success Strategies

How does Bodymechanics School help you develop into a successful Massage Therapist?   Our commitment to the success of our students is based on 5 strategies that we are committed to in creating successful graduate.  Check out our 5 Massage School Success Strategies below. Massage School Success Strategies Success Strategy #1 Bodymechanics School is an education destination for those who seek an exceptional education, leadership training, marketing tactics and opportunity generation.  Education is our biggest passion and we show it by our commitment to educating students, professionals and the community.  Our goal is to create a better life for everyone we touch - and to deliver results with passion. Success Strategy #2 Our 4 Pillars of Success speak directly to the education formula that is the cornerstone of our massage program.
  • Outstanding technique education
  • Stellar marketing comprehension
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Critical thinking skill development
Each of these are needed in the development of a successful graduate. Success Strategy #3 The professional development of 2017 is our newest, biggest program creation since Shari became the owner in 2010.  A strong team around her has allowed the programs to be developed, rather than a dream.  It took some time to find the right people, but they're here and the new exciting programs are in the final stages.
  • Bodymechanics Training Center
  • Advanced Training Center
  • Network of Businesses
  • Integrated Structural Therapist certificate program
  • Ascension program
  • STEP program
  • Aggressive schedule for continuing education
  • Destination continuing education program
  • In-house injury treatment book
  • Professional video productions
  • Personal training school
  • Annual business summit
  • Student and professional marketing done-for-you
  • Massage Business Accelerator
  • Plus more!
Success Strategy #4 A big passion of ours is mentoring students and graduates.  Specialized monthly trainings offered to students and graduates help develop professional skills.  Additionally, once graduated from the program students ...
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Why Our Massage Therapy Program is Exceptional

I know Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage. I went to school here, graduating in 2006. I started teaching just 4 months after graduating. I bought the school in 2010. When I say I know Bodymechanics, it's a true statement.  I don't know about other programs - if they are good or not.  I have spent years taking continuing education classes around the country and I've seen and worked with therapists who didn't go to Bodymechanics School.  I've witnessed many different approaches to bodywork - some great, some I wouldn't want to try.  But I always say there's a therapist out there for everyone. That said, because of this experience with seeing other therapists from around the country, when the opportunity arose to buy Bodymechanics School from the founder, Robert Haase, LMP, I jumped on the opportunity.  I knew the quality of our program.  I knew the quality of our graduates. I didn't want to see Bodymechanics School close. I have always known and believed in the quality of our program. This year, we expanded in a big way.  We opened our second campus in Vancouver, WA. The other program in Vancouver is closing very soon, and I truly felt that Vancouver deserved a quality massage program - so I jumped on the chance to open. Yesterday, the Vancouver campus held the first ever LMP Eval class.  This class is held twice during the 8.5 month long program.  Once early on and the second closer to graduation.  This gives our students some constructive feedback on the quality of their massages from professionals. The therapists who participated yesterday in our LMP Eval did not attend Bodymechanics School.  They didn't enter the door with a preconceived notion of the students because they just didn't know our program at all. All of this ...
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How To Take The Leap Into The Next Chapter…

How To Take The Leap Into The Next Chapter in Your Life. Back in 2006, I took a big Leap of Faith into the next chapter in my life.  I quit the security of my full time job and went 100% into massage therapy.  I had a number of reasons to take the leap for myself:
  • 2 siblings who died in their 30's
  • Mom who died at 59
  • My younger sister was diagnosed with Breast Cancer 1 month after I graduated from massage school
  • My "job" as an IT Director was too stressful
  • I suffered from daily headaches, taking 10-12 ibuprofen everyday for relief
  • I knew I wanted to be my own boss
  • I was ready to throw off the "golden handcuffs" of a job I both loved and hated
I truly knew about the Leap of Faith it requires to charge into the next chapter in your life.  I remember talking with my husband and the conversation always came down to money - would I be able to bring home the same amount that I was making as an IT Director?  I used the words "leap of faith" but that if I didn't take it, massage would always be on the side, I would always be working 2 jobs, and I would always be tired. I took specific actions and had a plan for leaving full time employment and it worked like a charm.  My plan was to "Transition from Full Time Employment."  I took 2 days a week off as vacation (I had enough hours in my bank) and used those days to build my practice.  At the end of 3 months, I had a full clientele and was able to quit my job. Only twice in the first year did I not make enough to cover ...
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Question – where can you go to school for massage therapy?

Where can you go to school for massage therapy? If this is a question you have found yourself asking, let me tell you about Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage, and see if I can help you make the decision to join Bodymechanics School.  We offer an exceptional massage program designed with student success in mind.  Our layered approach to education helps students understand complex information easily.  Let me explain. The Bodymechanics curriculum is designed with the students success in mind.  Our layered approach to teaching engages students and facilitates learning.  A sample schedule would have 1 day of the week learning Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology; 1 day of the week learning Kinesiology; and 2 days of the week learning massage theory and practicing the techniques with our instructors.  Each class builds off the day before, and students have access to instructors the length of the program. Our 600 hour program is successful at teaching our 4 Pillars of Success -->  technique, marketing, communication and critical thinking skills.  We prepare our students to be successful not just in their hands on skills - but also in their business.  I often interview people who want a career in massage therapy, but who haven't necessarily thought about starting their own business. We prepare our graduates to open their own practice - but will support our students in whichever direction they want to go, whether that is self-employment or working as an employee somewhere. Since my early days of massage therapy, where I often massaged between 25-30 clients each week, I've moved into creating programs that will help our massage students become successful upon graduation.  From business mentoring, social media campaign building, business planning, advanced training programs, plus so much more - Bodymechanics School has everything you need to get started in massage ...
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Bodymechanics Training Center

Bodymechanics Training Center Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage was first launched in Olympia WA in 1999. The school grew quickly and developed a reputation of creating exceptional therapists in Olympia, WA, and since those early days, we've continued to develop our programs and are committed to teaching more than just a basic massage routine.  The Bodymechanics Training Center is our newest program we've created and it's exciting.  Read on... Today, Bodymechanics School looks significantly different - we offer our massage therapy program in Olympia and Vancouver, Washington; we have a personal training school; and we offer corrective exercise training and nutrition programs.  And we're not done yet... If you were to ask many massage school graduates around the country where they felt their education was lacking, they would most likely tell you that they wished they had a better understanding of business.  I first got a sense of this when I was traveling around the country assisting in continuing education courses where most attendees felt they were missing 2 major components in their education:  body mechanics and business.
  • Most were not prepared to handle the number of massages required to perform in most clinics and spas around the country and how to avoid getting injured.
  • Most were not prepared to run their own businesses - rather they were prepared to become an employee.
Our focus is exactly the opposite.  We teach exceptional massage theory and technique.  We focus on body mechanics every class we teach.  And, we focus on helping students learn about business.  Even if your plan is to work for someone else, you need to understand the components of marketing and communication.  These are vital to your success as a practitioner of massage. To support this, we are launching our newest program - the Bodymechanics ...
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