You might be wondering why I am writing about thought control.  I mean, this IS a massage school blog.  But, listen, thought control is critical and will help you in life and in decision making and health choices, etc. – it’s that important.

I am a positive person and I have always looked forward and believed good things were about to happen.  I’m thankful that I’ve always been an optimist.  But, I’ve worked with students and clients who are the opposite.

Here’s a true story.
A few years ago, I had a client with frozen shoulder and lots of pain.  Every time she came in to see me, I’d say “how are you doing?”  Every time, she’d respond with “not too bad,” which is truly a negative  response.  Every time she said “not too bad”, I’d say “so, you’re doing pretty good?” She’d say yes.  It took 6 MONTHS to get her to change her answer (I really kept track) and when she finally said she was doing good when asked, her shoulder started to improve.  Pretty cool.

Anyway, how we think really has a direct impact in every thing we do – from decision making, to life decisions, to health, to raising our kids, to education, and so on.

ThoughtsBut, what truly dictates our thoughts?
You receive INPUT all day long and your input comes from many factors including news, TV, friends, spouse, family, co-workers, business partner and so on. This input leads to your THOUGHTS, which lead directly to how you think about yourself and they lead direction to the DECISIONS that you make, and the ACTIONS you take.

Now, imagine the input being negative all day, every day.  The news tells about murder, declining economy, government problems, etc.  You read the newspaper, and the stories are always negative.  Your partner puts you down all day long and says “you can’t do something.”  Your core operating thoughts are going to match the input you receive.

Now, if you receive positive words all day long.  You turn off the TV and read motivating stories – now imagine the change in your decisions and actions!

Taking the correct action leads to success.
Taking the wrong action leads to self-sabotage and poor decisions.

Look around you and see who your circle of influence includes – do they lift you up, guide you, encourage you?  Or are they tearing you down and suck the energy out of you?

At Bodymechanics School, we encourage positive thoughts and help our students realize their dreams of their ideal practice.  Mentoring, lunch ‘n learns, newsletters, etc all help the students gain control of their hopes and dreams and build the life they want.

It’s time for you to fly – to make the decisions to take you to the best life possible.  But, you can’t do that if your input is designed to bring you crashing to the ground.

Find the supporters and encouragers who will lead you to the life you want.

Committed to YOU and YOUR success –