Today, I wanted to share information with you about the new law regarding Reflexology in Washington State.  This new law has come into effect because of the plethora of foot spa’s that have opened up advertising foot massage, reflexology and even full body massage.  Many people are attracted by the sign on the street advertising a massage for a very low price.  Most people don’t understand the law and why a massage education (and now Reflexology) is required.

I asked Tianne Curtiss, LMP, CR to talk about the law and how to become licensed in Washington State.
Take it away Tianne!

There’s a new law in town!

Huh?  What?  A new Reflexology law?  What do you mean, what does THAT mean, I’m so confused….
Yes it is a bit confusing, and unless you are on the Washington Department of Health (DOH) massage profession list serve, you might never even know about these changes. (Speaking of which, I highly recommend adding your email address to the DOH list serve, and you will get notifications concerning your profession.)

But back to what I was originally talking about.  There is a new Reflexology law effective as of July 1, 2013.  The State of Washington has a new designation, it is “Certified Reflexologist” or CR.  Now in order to practice reflexology, without being an LMP, you must possess this new credential.

Here is what is posted on the DOH website:  
(2) Beginning July 1, 2013, the secretary shall issue a reflexologist certification to an applicant who completes an application form that identifies the name and address of the applicant and the certification request, and demonstrates to the secretary’s satisfaction that the following requirements have been met:

(a) Successful completion of a course of study in reflexologist program approved by the secretary;
(b) Successful completion of an examination administered or approved by the secretary; and
(c) Be eighteen years of age or older.

(The complete information is available for download at if you are interested in reading more about the law.)

As an LMP, you may still practice reflexology, but you may NOT call yourself a certified reflexologist or advertise Reflexology, unless you have applied and received the designation of Certified Reflexologist, CR. Also as with massage, you must include your “certification/license” number on all advertising.

This now opens up the ability to practice reflexology without being an LMP (licensed massage practitioner). Now a person can complete a 200 hour program, pass a test, apply and receive a CR (certified reflexologist) designation and open shop.

If you are an LMP, who has practiced reflexology for over 5 years, you may, until June 30, 2014 grandfather in, by filling out the application, submitting what’s asked for, and paying the fee.

Again you will find all that on the DOH website

I for one am happy to see reflexology gaining the recognition it deserves, I have practiced reflexology for many years and have witnessed many changes brought about by this powerful treatment. If you are looking for another tool to add to your massage tool box, or want to start a new career in a health and wellness field, Reflexology is a great modality, and a wonderful treatment all on its own, get out there and at least try a session, you might get hooked like I did. After all who doesn’t love a good foot massage? Reflexology is foot massage with a purpose. Stay tuned, I’ll share more in another post on down the road. Happy reflexing!

Tianne Curtiss LMP, CR