100 days to impact more lives and give more to the world.

What if you could make a big impact in the world and those you touch in 100 days – would you do it?
Most people say they will do it, but fall through on the “doing it.”  I can relate as I’ve found myself bogged down by other commitments and things feel through the cracks.

I was recently talking with a friend and she shared the concept of the 100-Day Project with me and I was intrigued to do the project myself.  I found myself pondering the concept for days.  I knew I would do it immediately – but took about a week to put the idea down on paper.

Today is the start of my 100-Day Project.  I’m really looking forward to having fun while using the opportunity to 100-Day Projectlearn and grow more.  For the next 100 days, I will work to produce something new every day with the goal of improving visibility of Bodymechanics in the community.

I want to share this project with you for many reasons.  Mainly, for accountability.   I also want to create this as a tool to help Bodymechanics students and graduates take their business ideas to the next level – so this is a project I will document daily what I’m doing and the results of each project and at the end of the 100 days, it will be a great teaching tool.

Here’s the premise of the 100-Day Project.

There are 4 categories and each day, I must select 2 from the list to accomplish every day:

  • Content
  • Alignment
  • Work
  • Fitness


This category will include blog posts, school news, success stories and so on.  I’ve mapped out the content I want to write already, so this should be easy.  I have printed out a calendar for the next 100 days and I’m filling in each day of things I want to accomplish.


I love this category.  Alignment are things that are in alignment with MY goals –> those things that will take me closer to where I want to be.  These things will include my work with the Visiting Nurse Foundation of which I am a board member (I’ve committed 3% of student tuition dollars to the VNF to help pay for hospice patient massage).  Alignment also includes mentorship of students and graduates, why I want LMPs to be successful in business; it also includes health, happiness and success.


This section includes product development such as a formal mentoring program that will most likely include a mastermind group.  I have several products that have been developed, but my mind set has changed since I created them – so this section includes rewriting the products that are in alignment with my goals.  I’m also creating a business program for massage therapists around the country.


This section is specifically designed to enhance my life – daily exercise, yoga, meditation and self-care.

Home Office
My home office as I launch the 100-Day Project

That’s it – two areas from the four categories every day.  I’m excited to begin – and excited to share what I learn as I go through it.
Start date – 8/1/16
End date – 11/8/16
100 Days to improve Bodymechanics, and the lives of those I touch.   Giddy up!

What could you do in 100 days?