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Tumwater Massage School – Week 40

The last week of massage school brings a lot of emotions ranging from happy to sad. Happy to be completing a major life goal.Sad to be at the end and … Read more

Your Time Has Come—A Call to Action

Friends, touch deprivation is a real thing. Babies die without touch. And in our current isolations during this pandemic, people are becoming painfully aware of just how paralyzing life can … Read more

Shari Aldrich: A million people out of pain

Shari Aldrich is on a mission to help a million people get out of pain. In 2004, Shari woke up with a dream to run a marathon and she said … Read more

GI Bill® Education Benefits in Vancouver

If you are looking to your GI Bill® Education Benefits in Vancouver, WA, Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage is here for you! After a long process of waiting for approval, … Read more

Vancouver Massage School

From the perspective of our Campus Manager Chad Knowlden, LMT is the Campus Manager at the Vancouver Massage School, Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage. He’s been with us for … Read more

Student Spotlight – Theresa Turpel

Our Student Spotlight for this month is Vancouver campus evening class student Theresa Turpel. Theresa started school in November, 2018 and will graduate in September of 2019. Why did you … Read more

Massage School Success Strategies

How does Bodymechanics School help you develop into a successful Massage Therapist?   Our commitment to the success of our students is based on 5 strategies that we are committed … Read more

Embrace Change

“To help create positive change in others, you must first find the catalyst for positive change in yourself.” Mary Miller All my life, I followed what I thought was the … Read more