We have a private Facebook group for students and graduates of Bodymechanics School to connect and interact with each other, with staff and with graduates. I recently asked the students for their favorite client success story. I loved their answers!

From Melissa:
I have a client that’s been to physical therapy for years to try and get rid of their shoulder pain.
I was able to target the area causing that pain in one session and wipe that pain away!!! ????????????????

Caci said:
I had a guy come in with pain from neck to shoulder down the arm with tingling in some fingers. Everything I touched seem to make it hurt worse and he couldn’t get comfortable on the table. I really thought that nothing i did was working. Afterward he came.out of the room with a big smile on his face and movement in his shoulder.

April’s favorite is…
 I had a woman come in with LB pain. I told her face up. She looked at me weird. For an hour I worked her abdomen, psoas and all. She walked out pain free.

Amy said this (and I couldn’t agree more!)
I love all these stories and I have so many success stories of my own I can’t even choose; it’s a been a blessing to do this work!

Sandy was thrilled with this:
Lady with an old injury (tore most of her glutes) suffering from such pain she was considering quitting her job due to the pain. After one visit she texted me
Felt like I won the Super Bowl!
” I don’t want to jinx myself but… I feel so good! I have no pain and I slept through the night. I woke up thinking this is what it feels like to have no constant aching or pain. thank you so much! I booked another appointment.”

New student Heather said this:
Even though I just started school this week, I have a friend of 24 years that was driving his log truck when an elder couple ran a red light in front of him. He had his legs fully extended pressing on the brake and clutch at impact. He was seeing the same LMT for 3 years when she hurt her wrist and couldn’t massage anymore and he asked me if I would help him. He said I have great touch and compassion for his injuries, listen well to his concerns, he walks me thru it and I release his pain as ever as much as she did. “Massage is in us, it’s a passion” and I truly believe that. I love helping people with pain.

From Ryan:
Wanted you to see this. This woman came in 2 days ago and said she has not been able to take a deep breath in 18 years. Not sure what your tally is but put her on the list of one million!
“Oh my goodness!! I feel relief not only physically (and have had the best 2 nights of sleep I’ve had in years), but also relief in that something can be done to alleviate this muscle tension. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!! I will make another appointment soon. Truly can’t thank you enough!

Angela was excited to share this with me…
When a Physician Assistant tells me that I know my stuff because she had been to 5 different therapeutic massage therapists in Lacey and I am the best massage therapist ever. Hurry up and come back soon.
And another senior lady wanted to know what type of massage school was going to because in 40 years she had never had one like that. That’s Shari’s secret sauce in action.

Student success

At Bodymechanics School, we are proud of the success of our students. We love hearing their stories of how they help people feel better!

I’m on a mission to help relieve pain in 1 million people. I can’t do it alone – students learn how to help people, and ultimately help me reach my goal.

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Committed to your Success –
Shari Aldrich, LMT