Our Student Spotlight for this month is Vancouver campus evening class student Theresa Turpel. Theresa started school in November, 2018 and will graduate in September of 2019.

Theresa Turpel

Why did you choose massage therapy?  What’s your story…
As far back as I can remember, I associated massage and touch therapy with comfort and a method for consoling others.   So many of the basic concepts come to us all naturally and everything I read on it in my teens really connected with those instincts.  

Learning the real “why’s” behind it all in class now has strengthened my belief of the effect we have on each other and how we can direct that in positive ways.

Massage makes me feel strong, hopeful, happy, and energized and I look forward to putting that same result onto those I get to work on.  Each time I give a massage that has a visibly positive affect I feel invigorated and a growing sense of self-worth.  I know that the more I continue to learn, the more I can assist others in being their best selves and achieving their own goals as well!

Why did you choose Bodymechanics School?
Bodymechanics had reviews from former students that really resonated with me. The focus on treatment was a missing piece in a lot of schools I had explored in the past.   In the few short months I’ve been in class, I’ve been so excited to have my mind blown over and over with the concepts and practices introduced.  I’m confident that what they teach will allow us to assist people in properly healing and to make real differences in people’s lives.

How is class going for you so far?
The instructors, administration, and my classmates have been phenomenal in both conveying subject material and in encouraging me to believe I can do this.  That WE can do this!   The lessons and instructors have been really helping me take in all this information and put it to practical use. It’s been reassuring with us all working together to make sure we all succeed and no one gets left behind!   My academic experiences in the past seemed to have this competitive environment that I just don’t thrive under, so the “team” aspect has been so empowering!!

What is the best part of school?
The people.
We’re all so different but have this amazing connection.  Everyone wants to see us all succeed, to go out into the world and bring positive change to people’s lives.  Each accomplishment is celebrated with such enthusiasm and any stumble (though I rightly can’t think of one at the moment) is met with a helping hand. I get all verklempt each time I go to write or talk about how wonderful everyone has been.

What are your plans after graduation?
I’m eager to get out there and introduce the benefits of massage, body mechanics, and self care to my fellow gamers 🙂 
We have built up some of the worst habits and we as a community need to promote positive changes to how we approach our hobbies and lifestyles. I’m also extremely excited to start CE classes specializing in animals (such as equine and canine massage) and hopefully work to help rehabilitate animals that have sustained abusive relationships and help them gain forever homes with loving families!

Night Owls in class