Student Spotlight:  Sunshine Lopez

Sunshine LopezFor this month, I chose for our student spotlight segment morning student Sunshine as she is the epitome of taking advantage of the opportunity that presents itself, and well, just her overall attitude.

She is carefully balancing family commitments with school and work – and sometimes, it can get a little crazy. But Sunshine moves and lives with grace.  With five busy children, balancing life and school is very important.

Sunshine comes to us from Hawaii, where she hopes to return someday soon.  Until then, Bodymechanics School is blessed with her presence in our school.

Why Massage Therapy?

When asked why she chose massage therapy, Sunshine says “I think the more appropriate question would be, why not massage therapy?”

This is a career where you are trained to touch and trained to heal. For me, it was a chance to increase my knowledge of the body, the muscles and the tissues, that internal weave that connects the person to muscles and injuries. It a chance to knead new possibility of feeling healthy.

She dreamed about going to massage school for many years.  In the past, she wanted massage school in Hawaii, when that didn’t work out, she found our school in Olympia and took a leap.

Sunshine was drawn into the restorative aspects after being involved in a car accident. Her massage therapist helped her to walk again. “Thats when I knew I had to learn the magic of touch.”

Sunshine chose Bodymechanics School because of: location, location, location, and timing. She
also chose this school “because they offered a rock solid program. I trusted Shari, believed in her dreams and found that it was a perfect fit for me.”  The school was convenient for her life, and fit in well with her busy schedule.

When I asked how Bodymechanics helped her with her massage dream, Sunshine said:

Sunshine - Massage StudentYou walk into massage school thinking your gonna learn how to massage, and you do. However the part you don’t know is that you start to transform too.

Bodymechanics School offers a safe place to learn a new skill, but also to grow as a person. If you need a shoulder to cry on, there is always more then one. If you are excited, chances are the instructors or too. You need extra support, Bodymechanics
is there for you. They will also push you, test you, because they want the best possible outcomes for you, they want you to find your personal passion, and prepare for wherever that passion might take you.

In her spare time, Sunshine loves delivering babies and is also a doula.  Beyond that she loves body building, dancing, and smiling. She finds joy in being healthy, and learning about things that she finds interesting.

Future Goals

Sunshine hopes the future brings understanding to use her hands as a way of seeing the tissues involved. She hopes to gain a source of sufficient income while doing something she is passionate about.

I hope to gain a knowledge and understanding of the body on a expertise level.


Sunshine’s enthusiasm will set her up for success wherever life takes her.
Classes are starting soon, and if you’d like to discuss your options, give us a call at (360) 350-0015.  Our convenient classes and schedules work with most peoples crazy lives – from kids, to family to work.

I am committed to your success
Shari Aldrich, LMP
President / Clinical Director
Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage

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