Student Spotlight – Stacie Edwards

This month, we are spotlighting Stacie Edwards of our Tumwater Campus for our student spotlight.  Stacie is enrolled in our morning program and is on track to graduate mid-July.

Her experience working in different industries, including healthcare, and a personal journey through her own health obstacles led her to Bodymechanics.  “A large influence on my decision to choose this career came from my experience at Seattle Center For Structural Medicine.  I was exposed to many different types of bodywork and was able to witness first hand, the profound changes people were experiencing with their bodies and their health.  Some brought me to tears.”

Bodymechanics Massage student, Stacie Edwards
Massage Student, Stacie Edwards

Knowing early on that if she was going to be a practitioner she would study multiple modalities to be able to work with her clients’ individual needs.  Her passion for treating the whole person started with study in Bowenwork® at the beginning of 2015.  Bowenwork® is a gentle modality that targets the autonomic nervous system.  It initiates change in the body through a system of touch that stimulates the nervous, musculoskeletal, and fascial systems.  She was eager to learn more and soon decided to attend massage school.

“I chose Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage for their commitment to providing exceptional education.  This school strives to train the best massage therapists out there.  My past experience working with progressive practitioners taught me the importance of education.”

Since October I have had the pleasure of learning from passionate and intelligent instructors at Bodymechanics.  I am very happy with the education they provide.  It has helped immensely with my continuing educational process.”

After graduation Stacie will be practicing in Thurston County and will continue study in tensegrity, fascial tension patterns, and objective testing and assessment through a mentorship with Kelly Clancy.

You can follow Stacie’s progress on her Facebook business page here

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We wish Stacie all the best in her professional development and future career.  With her dedication and passion for creating lasting change in her clients lives, we know she will be successful!