Student Spotlight:  Ryan Cotton

Our student spotlight on the month is Ryan Cotton who attends Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage at our Vancouver campus.

Ryan Cotton, Vancouver Massage Therapy StudentRyan is part of our inaugural morning class and is just 3 months into the 8.5-month program.

Many people enter Bodymechanics School with a desire to help people and Ryan is no different.  He chose massage therapy because of a desire to help people.  Specifically, Ryan wants to work with athletes in pain to help them recover faster, gain better mobility and perform better.  Being a lifelong athlete himself, Ryan knows and understand the benefits of massage and self care.

Much of our time learning about starting a  business and learning ninja marketing skills is spent identifying our niche market and ideal client – Ryan is well on his way since he already knows his ideal client.

Ryan has had many jobs over the years in an attempt to find out what he wants to do.  He’s worked in restaurant management, data entry, call centers, bankruptcy, foreclosure solutions, Traumatic Brain Injury adult care and he’s even sold life insurance.  He has degrees in art and graphic design but couldn’t find a niche within that world that he loved.

Outside of massage school, Ryan stays active.  He says “If I’m not moving and outdoors, then I am not living.”  He’s a retired ultra runner, enjoys running the occasional 5k or 10k.  He started racing cyclocross last season.  But he also enjoys rock climbing, hiking, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, martial arts, reading and cooking.

Ryan discovered Bodymechanics School while searching for a massage program to join and was seconds away from enrolling at a different massage school in Portland.  He decided to do one last Google search to see if there were any massage therapy schools in Vancouver as the idea of driving in and out of Portland every day was not something he wanted to do.

He found a link to a Bodymechanics School Facebook post regarding our new school that had opened literally the day before. He contacted school owner, Shari Aldrich, LMP, on a Wednesday, met with her on Friday and signed up to start classes the following Monday.

Vancouver WA Massage School
Vancouver Massage School inaugural class

When asked what he enjoyed most about Bodymechanics School, Ryan says the
instructors who are professionals in the field and who are very knowledgeable.  He also likes the layered curriculum so that you are constantly learning in conjunction with the massage that you are practicing.    He also appreciates the focus on self care and body mechanics ensures the most efficient way to give massage to ensure therapists last as long as possible in this field.

Regarding future goals, Ryan says this; “I have no doubts whatsoever that the school is preparing me to meet and exceed the goals that I set for myself on the day that I graduate.

Ryan’s specific goals at graduation?  Easy, he says “WORLD MASSAGE DOMINATION!!!!”  He would also like to learn how to ride his unicycle.

Ryan has been a pure joy to have in class.  He brings such enthusiasm into the classroom.  We can’t wait to see what’s in store for Ryan as he moves towards his professional career.

UPDATE ON RYAN COTTON – March 28, 2017

Ryan graduated in early December, 2016.  Since graduating, Ryan has been working at Elements Cascade Integrative MassageTherapeutic Massage 4 days a week – and has opened his own massage clinic in downtown Vancouver.  His clinic Cascade Integrative Massage is located at 1104 Main Street, Suite G50, Vancouver.

He feels his biggest success story so far has been to change a client with frozen shoulder in just 3 massage sessions!  Her full range of motion is amazing for her – and (according to Ryan) better than his own range of motion.

Ryan is specializing in the following modalities:




For more information on Ryan or his clinic, search him out by clicking on here ==>  Cascadia Integrative Massage  Follow him on Facebook by clicking here ==>  CascadiaIM

Best of luck to you Ryan.  You’ve already come so far and your instructors and classmates are proud of you.