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Student Spotlight Nadine Pingel

Student Spotlight: Nadine Pingel

Nadine Pingel is a student in our morning class, which began in July of this year.  She and I met a couple of times prior to her decision to join the school.  I was excited with Nadine’s decision to join our program for her personal development, and for the changes she will provide her clients.

Being a busy mom of 2 kids and working as a personal trainer, Nadine took her time researching the school, the profession and the time commitment.  Her decision to join Bodymechanics was well thought out and she is an amazing addition to our school.

Bodymechanics School student Nadine Pingel
Bodymechanics School student Nadine Pingel

Nadine’s story:
With many years of experience working in the Fitness & Health Industry as a Personal Trainer, I was feeling stuck and helpless to a point.  The question I was asking myself quite a bit was: “How can I have somebody move functionally when the muscle and connective tissue seems to be not moving at all?”

Well, of course I tried stretching techniques, but it just didn’t do the job.  An important puzzle piece was still missing.

While looking into continuing education, always eager to learn more about the human body and its function, I stumbled across massage therapy and thought that might just be the answer for me.  I thought “what if I could learn techniques to make a muscle (well, it s really the connective tissue) more pliable so it can move functionally?”

After researching several massage therapy schools and meeting with the owner at Bodymechanics, Shari, I had no doubt that Bodymechanics would be the right choice for me.

4 ½ months into the program and several classes on injury treatments, all my expectation are met and I am super excited about what the future will bring after graduation.

My future goal is to promote optimal health and physical fitness through body awareness; physical movement and therapeutic massage and I can’t wait to continue learning about the most amazing and fascinating machine on the planet, the human body.

We are just as excited for your future Nadine and can’t wait to hear continued stories of your success with getting your clients moving better!


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