Massage student, Joe Lozano
Massage student, Joe Lozano

Jose “Joe” Lozano may not be your typical massage student with his 17 years serving in the US military.  Yet, he found himself drawn to the holistic approach to healthcare through massage therapy.  Joe noticed that those who sought out just chiropractic care, drugs or physical therapy for their aching backs, necks and legs related to military service didn’t get as much relief as those who included massage therapy in their healthcare.

So, surprising himself and his family, Joe started researching massage schools and made a decision in July to join Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage in Olympia, Washington.  His days are now filled with working full time during the day as a cook for the military and evenings at Bodymechanics School 4 nights a week.

I asked Joe what attracted him to Bodymechanics School, and he felt primarily that our focus on massage therapy as a stand-alone program in just 8 shorts months was tops (compared to programs that take 2 years through an Associate degree.)    Beyond that, Joe was intrigued by our student success as practitioners upon graduation was a strong second.  He researched for quite some time on the internet and just felt that Bodymechanics School was the best option for him and his goals.  Innovation and integration with other programs at the school has convinced Joe that he made the right choice for his future goals.

Other attributes that Joe really appreciates about Bodymechanics School are the small class size which allow instructors to give individual focus to students.  He doesn’t feel that instructors time is split too thin between students.  Kinesiology is his favorite class  describing the instructors passion for teaching, her dedication to massage therapy and her vibrant personality as catalysts to student success.  (Huge kudos to Kinesiology instructor Shuna Morelli, BS LMP for this high praise!)

If Joe was to put his short time here into perspective, he would call it transitional.  His 17 years in the military has put him in a community that he is very comfortable with – fellow military personality.   They all speak the same language, understand each others thoughts and actions.  Massage school is allowing him the ability to transition into civilian life and is broadening his horizon.  He has 3 years remaining with the military and then his plan is to move to Texas and continue with massage therapy.  Until then, he is enjoying seeing how “others” live.

During the second week in school, I told Joe that I could see him going through a major transition during school and was excited to see the person he will become at graduation.  He was surprised that I thought he would change so much.  I asked him today if he believes that he has changed, and he said emphatically yes!

In regards to anyone else who is considering a career in massage therapy, Joe sees that he would enjoy talking with them about their decision and their goals for massage therapy.  With the many changes Joe is experiencing already, he would be a great resource for anyone to talk with regarding their decision to attend massage school!

Bodymechanics School is proud to continue our strong relationship with the military and we are able to accept VA benefits to help pay for school.  New programs are in development, including personal training and corrective exercise.  We continue our tradition as leaders in providing relief to those we will touch in our careers.

New classes are starting in January, 2015.   Enrollment is in process and applications are being accepted.
Please call (360) 350-0015, option 2 to schedule an interview with school owner, Shari Aldrich, LMP.