John Heneres is just one of several students currently enrolled in Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy and Massage, located in Vancouver Washington.

John shares his journey about early life and what brought him to pursue a career in massage therapy, as well as his passion and plans for the future. When I asked John what made him decide to pursue a career in massage therapy, it wasn’t just the words spoken, but the passion in his voice that convinced me he was on his way to fulfilling a lifelong dream. Growing up in the Philippines, John possessed the gift of touch, providing pain relief to friends and family.

John was prompted by his best friend and mentor to pursue missionary work in Washington State.  When he set foot in Washington, he felt a sense of peace, and said that “being in Washington just felt right.”

Though John loves missionary work, it isn’t always enough to pay the bills and provide for his family. It was after a few setbacks that his friend reminded him of how skilled he was in massage, and that massage therapy might be the perfect fit for him, allowing him to provide a better life for his family. With his friends prompting, John decided to take a leap of faith and go for it! He found Bodymechanics School in Vancouver, and a career in massage became a very real possibility for his future.

John is currently half way through the program and loves everything about it—from the teachers to the curriculum, to the hands-on experience. From an educators perspective, John is the type of student who is very invested in his education and shows it by asking a lot of questions and being very involved in the education process.

John shares his favorite part about being in massage school saying, “The teachers are very relatable and open. They are always willing to share their excitement and passion with the class. Going back to school in my 30’s was scary as I wasn’t the best learner in the typical classroom setting.   But having the teachers be intentional, excited, and willing to help me understand is a game changer when it comes to learning new things later in life.” 

Being a kinesthetic learner, John says that the hands-on education in the classroom has helped him learn and absorb the information.

The curriculum is put together in such a way that makes it easy to absorb and the information is layered in such a way that you revisit it multiple times throughout the course, as it builds on itself.” 

John is currently juggling school while working as a Chiropractic Assistant and finding time for his family and ministry as well. Though John is not yet licensed, he is able to assist the Chiropractor at his job, where he learns different treatment techniques, charting and treatment plans for clients. John says it’s a very treatment-oriented practice and that he might continue to work with them after he becomes licensed, while developing his own practice as well. John enjoys deep tissue massage, as well as relaxation techniques, finding them both to be beneficial and necessary for optimal health.

When considering the benefits of massage and what it means to him, John says that the great thing about massage is that it is very holistic in the relief that it brings. John hopes to bring his clients holistic, whole-body wellness.

I want to provide my clients pain relief  and give them the space needed to leave them with whole body healing, bringing their focus inward, rather than just in their body.”

John desires to minister to the heart, by showing his clients love and compassion as he helps facilitates healing.

Massage takes ministry work to a whole new level because it speaks to the body, heart and spirit of the person. The beautiful thing about massage is how connected it is to health, but also psychology, emotions, and the mental wellbeing that we are in so much need for in this world. Massage is a great way to show love physically, mentally and emotionally.”

John continues to work towards his lifelong dream of being a Licensed Massage Therapist and is set to graduate in 2023.

Interview and article written by Melissa Robbins, LMT. Melissa is a Bodymechanics School alumni. Follow her personal blog here.

John Heneres

John Heneres is currently enrolled at Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage – Vancouver campus. His love of massage stemmed from his childhood in the Philippines helping his friends and family with massage therapy.