As the morning class at Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage prepares for graduation in a matter of weeks, I had a chance to catch up with our youngest student Gavin, who at just 18 years old is well on his way to success.

Gavin Gullard
Gavin Gullard

Gavin started massage school 1 month after graduating from both high school and from Centralia College with his AA degree – at just 17 years old.

Bodymechanics School was the right choice for Gavin because of its proximity to his home, but also because the school had the best reviews out of the other schools he reviewed prior to making his decision.  “I’d recommend this school to anyone who is considering a massage therapy career in Washington.  It’s the best there is!”

When asked why he chose massage school, he relates that he wanted to learn more about the body and that it seemed to be a good skill to have for the future.  You see, Gavin has big plan for his future, which doesn’t stop after graduation.

Long-term goals for Gavin include a degree in Psychology and having a career in massage therapy will allow Gavin to work in a career that is flexible while also helping to put him through more college courses.

Gavin describes himself as hardworking and has a strong desire to learn more about the body.  He’s interested in opening a practice some day that will allow him to utilize massage and psychology to help clients achieve lasting healthy results.

Gavin is truly an intelligent young man, with an eye to his future goals.  The staff at Bodymechanics School is very excited to see where his future takes him.  Best luck, Gavin!