DJ is a student in our current morning class and will graduate in January 2015. Prior to massage school, DJ owned his own business and did 15+ years of karate. His work was very physical and he had daily aches and pains.

DJ became interested in massage school after receiving massages from one of our graduates after a car accident. The relief he felt was enough for him to start asking questions about massage school.   DJ decided to join Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage as soon as we were able to accept the GI Bill for school tuition.

Since being in massage school, DJ has developed a deep understanding of kinesiology and anatomy, and its relationship to injuries. He is happy to report that his own aches and pains have decreased and he is now running pain free.DJ

I asked DJ how Bodymechanics School is meeting his expectations and without hesitation he said it is “exceeding expectations.” He is excited to use what he is learning with athletes. He’s worked with the Rochester High School football team and a group of ballet dancers from all over the world who met for a summer intensive at Evergreen State College.

DJ has enjoyed shadowing professional staff at the school. He gets a kick out of teaching his young daughter massage techniques – and then learning that she is teaching her classmates at school what she has learned.

Recently, we launched a new program at Bodymechanics School in which DJ participated.  The program is part of our new Advanced Education Training program that was launched with his class. During the AET program, DJ participated in 5 modules that are each designed to help the student integrate their education, interact with the public and understand how to apply the knowledge to help grow their own businesses and prepare students for life after school.  He describes the education as life changing – and is going to continue on to the new Certified Personal Training program that is launching with Bodymechanics School in January 2015.

DJ exemplifies the spirit of a helper and a healer. His desire to learn more and to help wherever he can has been recognized by staff. We couldn’t be happier for DJ and his future as a massage therapist and personal trainer.