Angela Jefferson, Massage Student

Angela Jefferson is a current student in our morning class that began massage school in October, 2018. She was selected as a student to profile based on exhibiting the traits that make for a successful student, as well as a successful massage therapist after graduation. I recently asked her about her experience with massage and the following are her answers.

Why did you choose massage therapy?

I chose massage because I fell completely “head over heels” in love with massage after my very first massage almost two years ago. I was at a local health and wellness fair and a recent graduate of Bodymechanics School was there providing chair massage. I was a bit hesitant about massage, so I didn’t sign up for her 10 min chair massage.

I did however, carefully observe and watch her closely as she worked. I saw how her clients looked relaxed and delighted after her chair brief chair massage. I knew that I had to experience a table massage for myself with this lady.

So, I took her card and made an appointment for a full body massage with her at the massage school in Tumwater, WA. After my table massage, I felt how good my body felt, how much better I moved, the shoulder ache I have been living with for years was literally gone. I wanted to bring this feeling to others who are living with aches/pains and depending only on medications to bring relief.

Why did you choose Bodymechanics School?

I choose Bodymechanics School because of the location, the hours of operations and the fact that I can use my GI Bill. After careful research, I wanted a school close to home, one where I can attend school during the day or nighttime and most important, one that was accredited by the VA, so that I can use my 911 GI bill benefits. Bodymechanics School met my criteria.

What’s your favorite part of school so far?

So far my favorite part of school is Injury Treatment and kinesiology. Since massage healed my shoulder pain and manages my knee injury, I am amazed at learning the science behind how it works.

I now see where those muscles meet/come together and why it’s important to reduce adhesions, using various methods “our hands” to help our bones and muscles move and feel better naturally, without medications.

Has massage changed your life already?

WOW! I’m no expert at 4 months of school, but I’ve helped some of my friends and family feel and move better.

One friend said, “I haven’t slept so well in 5 years”.
After a shoulder injury treatment massage a fellow fitness instructor said, “I can reach into my jacket and button it without pain, My doctor recommended surgery, I’m so glad you reached out to me”.
Another said, “you helped my neck pain, I can now turn it and look behind me”.

Future plans after graduation?

I plan to open a Wellness Spa. I want to offer a service where people can relax and heal naturally. I envision clients entering in pain and after their massage session leaving relaxed, stretched and pain free.

I also plan to pursue my education further so that I can teach massage, the Massage Instructor Training Course for sure and maybe The Corrective Exercise Course.

Tell me more about you!

I am an Army Mom and Army Wife. I am also a retired Human Resource Executive and a Veteran myself. Beyond the military, I am enjoying a physically active lifestyle!

I am a Yogi, Personal Trainer, Group fitness instructor, Zumba Instructor and Fitness Fanatic loving life.

As a lifelong fitness educator, I spend most of my free time learning fitness, teaching fitness and working out. I also love to travel, hike and make amazing gluten-free healthy meals for my husband and my friends and family. “Namaste”.

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