Shari Aldrich is on a mission to help a million people get out of pain.
In 2004, Shari woke up with a dream to run a marathon and she said to herself “don’t even think about going back to sleep – get up, get dressed, go run.”
And she did.
That first day, she ran 1/2 mile.
The next day, 1 mile.
Soon she was up to 5 miles regularly.

At the time, Shari was an IT Director supporting 150 computers and 7 servers in 10 office and 2 states by herself – and the president of the company refused to get her any help. She was taking between 10-12 ibuprofen every day to deal with the headaches and stress she felt.
And she thought she would die before she was 40.

She had good reason to believe this.
Her brother Steve died at 36 years old from a stroke in 1997.
3 years later, her mom died of lung cancer at 59 years old.
4 years after that, her older sister died in a head-on collision on the freeway at 39 years old.
Half her family died in 7 short years.

Running the marathon was Shari’s way to claim her life and change the direction of where she was going. Coming across the finish line of the Seattle marathon in November, 2004 – Shari felt strong emotions for life lost, and gained.

Massage School changed her life

She got her first massage as part of her training for the marathon and the minute hands were laid upon her back, it was an epiphany that massage was what she was looking for her whole life – not as a career, but for her own health.

Over the course of marathon training, she began getting weekly massages and decided to join Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage in 2005, graduating in 2006.
Shortly after graduation, Shari was hired as an instructor at Bodymechanics.
Teaching led to her being in the right place at the right time to buy the school in 2010 and stop Bodymechanics School from becoming a victim to the economy.

Over the years, Shari has motivated and inspired hundreds of graduates from her massage school campuses in Olympia and Vancouver WA. Her new program through Bodymechanics Institute is designed to help massage therapists around the country open their own massage school with a business-in-a-box model.

Taking the Leap

Shari has followed her passion to advance the massage profession by following her 5 Pillars for Living an Impactful Life. As a motivational speaker, podcaster and comedian, Shari connects story to mission to passion – and she brings a zest for life into every interaction with students and professional massage therapists.

Take the Leap is about living your best and most impactful life.
Shari Aldrich: A million people out of pain exemplifies the Bodymechanics School philosophy and how we commit to our graduate success.


We are looking for people who are on a mission to change lives!
What legacy will you leave to the world?

Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage offers a sound massage educational opportunity to the counties we serve – including Thurston, Mason, Lewis, Pierce, Grays Harbor, Pacific, Cowlitz and Clark Counties. 

We offer quality programs that allow our students to be leaders in their chosen field.  Our facilities are new and modern.  Our prices are competitive.  

Most importantly, our advanced training program prepares our graduates for success.  We maintain a 97% pass rate on the certification exam students must pass to become a Licensed Massage Therapist – compared to 70% nationally on the first attempt.

Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage celebrating 20 years as an approved massage school in Washington State.
Celebrating our past –
Inspiring our future.
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Shari Aldrich, LMT
Shari Aldrich, LMT
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