Where can you go to school for massage therapy?

If this is a question you have found yourself asking, let me tell you about Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage, and see if I can help you make the decision to join Bodymechanics School.  We offer an exceptional massage program designed with student success in mind.  Our layered approach to education helps students understand complex information easily.  Let me explain.

The Bodymechanics curriculum is designed with the students success in mind.  Our layered approach to teaching engages students and facilitates learning.  A sample schedule would have 1 day of the week learning Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology; 1 day of the week learning Kinesiology; and 2 days of the week learning massage theory and practicing the techniques with our instructors.  Each class builds off the day before, and students have access to instructors the length of the program.

Our 600 hour program is successful at teaching our 4 Pillars of Success –>  technique, marketing, communication and critical thinking skills.  We prepare our students to be successful not just in their hands on skills – but also in their business.  I often interview people who want a career in massage therapy, but who haven’t necessarily thought about starting their own business. We prepare our graduates to open their own practice – but will support our students in whichever direction they want to go, whether that is self-employment or working as an employee somewhere.

Bodymechanics School offers advanced massage trainingSince my early days of massage therapy, where I often massaged between 25-30 clients each week, I’ve moved into creating programs that will help our massage students become successful upon graduation.  From business mentoring, social media campaign building, business planning, advanced training programs, plus so much more – Bodymechanics School has everything you need to get started in massage therapy.

Quite often our students hear that they are “better than most professionals out there massaging.”  This isn’t lip-service.  Our students truly offer advanced massage treatments to their friends and family and are making lasting changes in their lives.  Our students are gaining real world experience with massage therapy while in school and learning how to practically apply this knowledge in their future plans.

If you’re like I was back in 2005 – stuck in a miserable job you hate – and you’d like to make a change in your life, consider massage therapy.  It might be the missing link you need to take control of your life and have a career you love helping people feel better.

The answer to the question “where can you go to school for massage therapy” is right here, Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage.  With 2 campuses to serve you in Tumwater and Vancouver, do yourself a favor and take a closer look at our program.

Now enrolling for morning (Tumwater) and evening (Vancouver) classes.  Call us at (360) 350-0015 to get your questions answered and sign up for an individual interview.

Committed to your success –
Shari Aldrich, LMP