New Morning Massage Class

Starting a new massage class is always a lot of fun.  On May 2, 2017 we started a new morning massage class at our Tumwater campus.  17 students showed up ready to go, ready to take a new path and change their lives.

2017 Morning Massage Students - Tumwater
      New Morning Massage Class – Tumwater

The first day of class is typically interesting – shy students who are unsure of what they are getting into, who don’t really know anyone in the class and who are nervously excited for the future.  I have to say that this class was pretty easy going for the first day – lots of smiles and even hugs for seeing friends from Intro Massage Workshop again.

As typical for the first day, we went over the program requirements, rules, expectations, classroom courtesies and so on.  But we also embarked on a new journey together.  Bodymechanics School has launched new programs and new concepts and for the first time, the new morning massage class in Tumwater will get access to cutting edge ideas that will further set them up for career success upon graduation in January, 2018!

Business Lab Activities

Part of our new program involves actually building their business while in school.  Each business class during our 9 month program has lab activities that will teach the students important concepts for building their business.  We will delve into topics of interest for massage therapists and then integrate those ideas into practical application of their business.

One idea that we investigated yesterday on Day 1 of school was that of the story.  I asked each student to introduce themselves and share their story.  In the past, I would ask the students to share why they were interested in massage school.  A simple refrain of the idea is to “tell me your story” which has a 100 degree shift and is a major business idea.

Making a connection with clients often comes from your story.
Your story is  your marketing message and it is unique to you.

So right away, they became invested in their story and beginning to put context around their business.  This is just the tip of the iceberg of what Bodymechanics School is offering students.  We will still do other business projects that we’ve done for many years – market research, business plan, ethics, and so on.  We are adding exciting elements to the program to make it practical and relevant.

2020 Vision and Student Planner

Students in the new morning massage class also received the first edition of our new 2020 Vision and Student Planner.  This resource has tremendous value to students with continued activities, tips and resources to guide students through the program and through the first months of their professional massage careers.

Vision and PlannerEach month includes an overview of the month, plus 4 weekly calendars that students can enter massage appointments or important homework information.

I explained how I always have a journal with me – as I’m going through life, anything that catches my attention is immediately documented in the journal which I review periodically. I’ve gained insights and business ideas from taking notes every day.  The planner includes plenty of space for students to document ideas and make plans for their futures.

Also included with each month are business ideas and activities to get them thinking and doing.  The planner alone is invaluable in the amount of information provided to students.

The bottom line is this:  Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage is invested in the futures of those who we teach.

A Nod To Our Graduates

Of course, we can’t welcome the new morning massage class without mentioning the awesome class that just graduated.  Our program evolution comes directly from our students and the feedback they give us at the end of the program.

Exceptional massage therapists from Bodymechanics School are directly related to our commitment to developing therapists who excel in 4 key areas:  technique, marketing, communication and critical thinking skills.  Our last class was a shining example of meeting and exceeding our 4 pillars of success.

Prior to graduation, I sit down with students and get feedback on our full program, including:

  • instructors
  • handouts
  • techniques
  • administration
  • and more

Each class since I’ve taken over the program has provided great feedback that has helped our program evolve – and I just can’t thank them enough.  The business lab that I developed for our new morning massage class is direct feedback from our recent graduating classes – Tumwater and Vancouver.  “Make it practical,” they said.  Well, here you go!

With extreme gratitude, I am proud to call these graduates my peers.  They taught me a lot and I am excited for their continued professional development.

Bodymechanics School - Tumwater graduates
           Tumwater Graduating Class
Vancouver Evening Massage School Graduates
             Vancouver Graduating Class

Big things are coming and I am excited for the future.  If massage therapy is something you’ve been interested in for a while, lets talk!  You can find more information by digging deeper on our website or by attending one of our FREE information sessions held at both locations.

Our immediate next class starts are as follows:
Tumwater – evening class 8/7/17
weekend class 11/4/17
Vancouver – evening class 5/15/17
morning class 9/26/17

Call us with any questions — 360-350-0015.  Lets talk and see if Bodymechanics School is the right school for you.
Committed to YOUR success
Shari Aldrich, LMP