Mission 2018:  Inspire the Exceptional Within

Education is our biggest passion.
We believe that we can be wildly successful with our students and graduates and that they can impact thousands of lives around of the world with the knowledge they gained at Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage.

We believe in going the extra mile to help our students succeed.
We believe in helping our graduates long after they have received their diploma.

We believe we need quality massage therapists in the world, changing lives one massage at a time.
We believe that our students deserve our best every day so that they can become exceptional.

We believe in catalyzing an army of highly skilled and qualified massage therapists who support our mission:  relieve pain in 1 million people by 2025.
We believe in bringing humanity to healthcare.
We believe that massage therapy changes lives.

Inspiring the Exceptional Massage Therapist

We believe that massage classes should be creative and fun.
We believe that our instructors should be a role model for our students.

We believe that life happens and that in those situations, we will always do our best.  We are perfect in our imperfections.

We believe that our story is not finished – that we are just getting started.

Mission 2018:  Inspire the Exceptional Within


Our Programs:

  1. Massage School – Vancouver and Tumwater
    Creating exceptional massage therapists, one massage at a time.  With morning and evening sessions available, we seek to have a flexible schedule to fit your needs.  We teach the foundational classes required, but then go far beyond the requirements with additional free programs designed to enhance education.
    – First Year Experience
    – Advanced Training Program
    – Externship Opportunities
    – Plus more
  2. Certified Personal Training School – Tumwater
    In as little as 20 weeks, you can be a graduate of the only NASM academic partner school in the PNW.  NASM is the gold standard in personal training and our program sets our graduates up for success.
  3. Professional Development
    Education doesn’t stop with graduation.  We seek to continue developing professionals who are prepared to help as many people as they desire.  We offer several programs designed to enhance education.
    – First Year Experience
    – Instructor Training Program
    – Network of Businesses
    – Incubator massage business
    – Marketing assistance
    – Continuing education programs
    – Plus more
  4. Bodymechanics Institute
    Our newest program helps aspiring massage school owners open their own massage school with everything they need to get started. We offer full curriculum, policies, procedures, instructor training program and more.
  5. Network of Businesses
    Our network of business offers students and graduates the opportunity to meet with professionals in their respective fields who offer their knowledge to our students.  The once a month meeting is FREE and designed to help build graduate businesses.  The network includes:
    – Accountants
    – Insurance Agents
    – Realtors
    – Clinics, chiropractors, spas
    – Plus more
  6. Marketing
    Another new program is our marketing and website development programs available to students and graduates.  For additional fees, students and graduates are eligible to use our platform to help develop their practices – quickly and efficiently.  We utilize and understand the importance of SEO and help you build your web presence so that you will be found in your community.

Now enrolling in Tumwater and Vancouver locations.
Call 360-350-0015 to learn more about our programs and how we can offer you the career guidance you need to begin your new career.

Committed to your success
Shari Aldrich, LMT
Bodymechanics School