Graduation of our morning class
January 16, 2015
Stefan Saunders, Graduate
Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage


We live in a time when things are increasingly automated, and more and more people are losing work to machinery. There’s a trend in this industry of bringing in more devices and tools to do some of our work for us too. There are massage chairs and scalp massagers and various kinds of “neck massagers.”

Bodymechanics School Graduating class of 2015
Bodymechanics School
Graduating class of 2015

But, in this business, there will always be a human component. A lot of clients will never be satisfied by an automated massage, no matter how advanced the machines may become. People will always need the human touch, and no machine can every really duplicate that. In this business the machines will always play an assistive role only, and our knowledge and skills will ensure that we will never become obsolete.

Our profession is considered a helping profession. What we really do is make people feel better. Nowadays people are constantly being sold products and services on the promise that if they give up their money they’ll feel better. We can actually deliver on that. So, I would add that another service that we provide is freedom from the usual unfulfilled promises that people get everywhere else.

When I was younger, I delivered pizza for a living. It was a lousy job in most respects, but there was one nice thing about it. People were always happy to see me. Doing massage work, we can have that same satisfaction of knowing people will always be happy to see us.

As long as people feel pain, they will want relief from it. As long as people feel the need to test the limits of their bodies by playing sports, they will want quick relief from the consequences of their activities so they can go hurt themselves some more. As long as elderly feel the effects of years of use and abuse on their bodies they will want whatever comfort we can provide. As long as people want to walk, work, play, sleep and generally live free from pain our work will be in demand. Some people will need our help, and others will simply enjoy our services. Either way, this is a helping profession, and the help we provide is valued and will continue to be valued. We are generally thought of as providing a luxury service to others, but we have the luxury of knowing that we will always be wanted somewhere and that our work will always matter to somebody.

Stefan was one of 3 graduates of this class to receive a Graduate With Distinction.  He is very soft-spoken, yet when he spoke there was an important message to listen to.  We do provide a valuable service that people will always need.  I loved this line:  “we have the luxury of knowing that we will always be wanted somewhere and that our work will always matter to somebody.”

Congratulations to the entire graduating class.  We are so proud of all of you!

Shari Aldrich, LMP
President / Clinical Director