How will you pay for massage school?

I often meet with people who are unsure of how to pay for massage school.  The good news is that I do in-house financing and can work with *most* budgets.  We have students who have extended payment plans out to three years. That said, I know that financing your massage school education is a challenge for many people.

I wrote a blog post a while back where I offered some suggestions on how to pay for massage school with some pretty clever ideas if I say so myself.  You can read that blog here

For those who want to go to massage school (or personal training) but who don’t qualify for bank loans, and cannot squeeze out a monthly payments, I certainly sympathize.  When someone is passionate about wanting to help people with massage therapy, then I really want to help them as much as I can to get into this profession. That’s why I was so excited when a counselor from Work Source came in to the school last week and we had a chance to talk about their program.


Funding Massage School TuitionWork Source can help pay for Massage Education

Last week, one the of the counselors from Work Source popped into our Tumwater campus to meet with one of our mutual students.  I hadn’t met this particular counselor yet – but was interested in his thoughts on the state of funding at Work Source.

The counselor gave me some encouraging news in that they have funds available to help students who are the right fit for their programs.

This was good news to me as I had a couple of potential students in last week attending one of our Information Sessions who were both seeking Work Source funds, but who were afraid they wouldn’t be funded after the July 1 fiscal period due to the uncertain economic climate we are currently experiencing in the US.

How do you know if you are a right fit to use Work Source to pay for massage school?

Two criteria must be met to qualify for Work Source funding:

  1. You must be eligible – there must be a financial need: unemployed, desire to earn a livable salary; and
  2. You must be leaving a non-demand field and entering into a high demand field.

Massage therapy is classified as an in-demand field in the counties we serve, but even if it isn’t it doesn’t mean that funding is an absolute no.

The counselor said “send as many people as you can to us, we are here to help them.”

As we talked for a few minutes more, I talked with him about how Bodymechanics School helps students and graduates with their businesses – that our focus is in creating massage therapists who have strong business ideas and a plan to launch their own businesses.  This got him even more excited – saying that was amazing.

But, I wasn’t done yet.  When I told him about our First Year Experience program that is currently in place, and  the plans to grow the program in the years to come he was impressed with our determination to not only provide top-notch massage education, but to also help launch careers and then follow their success for a year.

Again – he said “send over as many people as you can.”

So – there you go, your personal invite to PLEASE, go to Work Source and talk about options to pay for massage school.

As the saying goes – if you don’t ask, the answer will always be no.

Just know that when you reach out and talk to people, the universe has a way of making things happen.  I’ve seen it first hand when I was buying my building on Mottman – our beautiful school and the HQ for Bodymechanics School.  Reach out, talk to someone and believe that the universe will make it happen.

Next massage class starts:

  • Tumwater
    Morning – October 23, 2018    Tuesday – Friday 9 am – 1 pm
    Weekend – November 3, 2018     Two – Three weekends a month, 9 am – 6 pm when in session with an hour lunch
    Evening – February 11, 2019   Tuesday – Friday from 9 am – 1 pm
  • Vancouver
    Evening – November 19, 2018    Monday – Thursday from 6 pm – 10 pm
    Weekend – November 3, 2018     Two – Three weekends a month, 9 am – 6 pm when in session with an hour lunch
    Morning – May 14, 2019   Tuesday – Friday 9 am – 1 pm