Are you looking for massage education and you’re from Grays Harbor or Pacific County in Washington?

Hello to the Harborites and to the Beachcombers!
If you have been searching for a massage education and you’re from Grays Harbor or Pacific Counties, listen up.

I’m here to tell you that a massage education IS within your reach and is closer than you think. I’m specifically reaching out to those looking for massage education for Grays Harbor and Pacific Counties to tell you about the massage education you can get in Olympia WA.

Aberdeen to Olympia map

Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage is located easily just off of Hwy 101, and is close to the West Olympia area, the mall, SPSCC and the automall. We’ve had many students over the years from Grays Harbor and Pacific Counties who have attended Bodymechanics, and the drive becomes the least of their worries. Many, in fact, talk about the edge they gain while driving, as they process the days lecture and calm their mind before getting home.

There are advantages to attending massage school in Olympia:

  • Small class size (16 maximum per class)
  • Advanced massage education
  • Advanced business education designed to set our students up for success
  • 98% success rate on the MBLEX (certification exam)
  • Advanced Training Modules for those who want to accelerate their career while in school
  • Shadowing our professional clinic therapists
  • Shadowing our personal training trainers
  • Innovative and creative approach to education
  • Plus more

Here is a comparison of driving distances –

  • Aberdeen to Olympia   –  49 miles
  • Aberdeen to Tacoma  –  78 miles
  • Aberdeen to Seattle  –  109 miles
  • Aberdeen to Lakewood  –  71 miles
  • Long Beach to Olympia  –  111 miles
  • Long Beach to Vancouver  –  107 miles
  • Long Beach to Tacoma  –  140 miles
  • Long Beach to Portland  –  11 miles 

As you can see, Olympia is not that far for you to drive.  I’ve known students who rent an apartment in Olympia when coming from Long Beach and go home on the weekends. Bring along a friend to school and then you can carpool!

Why am I pushing massage education to the coast so much? 

Because there is a shortage of massage therapists out there.  In fact, one of the school graduates is so desperate for help that she is turning clients away.  Clients out in those areas are looking for qualified massage therapists to help them feel better.

Our education is designed to address 4 important areas – guaranteed to help you succeed.

  1. Exceptional massage techniques
  2. Exceptional marketing education
  3. Outstanding communication skills
  4. Critical thinking skills encouraged

When these 4 key areas are incorporated into your massage education, success with exams is assured; success with building your own practice and one heck of a confident massage therapist.

Grays Harbor and Pacific Counties – if you’re looking for a massage education, you need to come and check out Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage.  We are here for you!  Classes are starting May 4th – don’t wait to check us out and miss out on this big opportunity.

Committed to your success