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Bodymechanics Curriculum


The Bodymechanics curriculum is designed with the students success in mind.  Our layered approach to teaching engages students and facilitates learning.  A sample schedule would have 1 day of the week learning Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology; 1 day of the week learning Kinesiology; and 2 days of the week learning massage theory and practicing the techniques with our instructors.  Each class builds off the day before, and students have access to instructors the length of the program.

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Our staff have active massage practices, and enjoy bringing sample scenarios and client cases into the classroom.  Combined, our staff have over 100 years of massage practice and students are sure to learn from each instructor.

Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology

Includes a tour of the body, chemistry, cells and covers in-depth all the systems of the body.


Includes muscle identification and understanding: origin, insertion and action, bones, ligaments, tendons, joints and more. Instruction includes book, drawing, video, palpation and clay.

Massage Theory & Practice (MTP)

The majority of the curriculum hours are spent in massage theory and practice. Topics include: the history of massage, equipment, self-care, postural analysis, basic and advanced techniques (trigger point therapy, myofascial release, manual lymphatic drainage, and soft tissue release). Additional modalities taught include pregnancy massage, sports massage, chair massage, outside athletic events (such as local marathons or fun runs), and other specialized techniques are included.  Students practice massage techniques outside of school on friends and family to develop exceptional skills.

Our exclusive 16-hour Psychology of the Body segment offers a student a deeper understanding of the body mind connection in relationship to how clients hold deep trauma in the brain and offers tools to help clients overcome these long held injuries.  This program was developed exclusively for Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage by the creator and founder of the BodyMind Bridge System of Deep Healing Shuna Morelli, BS, LMT, CH and one of our lead instructors at Bodymechanics School.

In MTP, students gain confidence through practical exams and evaluation from professionals throughout the program.

Pathology & Treatment (PTR)

Bodymechanics curriculum includes specialized injury treatment and pathology classes that you won’t see offered at other massage schools. This is where you will build upon the kinesiology & anatomy concepts and will see the synergy between theory and practice that will get your clients out of pain, back to work, and rebooking for regular massage. You’ll learn how the body functions, what causes dysfunction and how to return it to regular function again.  Taught by Shari and her designated team of treatment therapists, the pathology & treatment segments of our education are truly a game changer.

Our program is designed to create critical thinkers who integrate advanced theory across the healing spectrum – incorporating knowledge learned in Kinesiology, Anatomy and Massage Theory to bring lasting results to clients.  We believe this work is vitally important in todays environment in healthcare.

Clinical business, Ethics & communication

We not only prepare you to be a great massage therapist, but we provide you with the skills you will need to have a long and prosperous career. We support students who plan to be self employed as well as those who plan to work in a private clinic, spa or chiropractor office.

We offer opportunities to meet with and mentor with practicing, successful massage therapists with strong marketing and business backgrounds. Course work includes boundaries, ethics, marketing, insurance billing, laws and financial management.  

The Student Clinic

The student clinic offers the public a chance to experience our student massages at a discounted rate, while allowing the students a real-life simulated clinic experience under the guidance of their clinic instructor.  We also offer speciality student clinics where we bring in people with specific injuries for students to work on to further solidify the information taught and enhance critical thinking skills.

Massage Labs

A hallmark trait for an exceptional massage therapist is to practice the techniques they are learning.  Our 30 massage labs provide the opportunity to gain practical experience on techniques learned the week before.  Overseen by an instructor, students will both give and receive additional massages in the lab to ensure competency in the techniques they are learning.



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