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Student Of The Month

Student of the month

Student Spotlight – Sandy Parks

Our Student Spotlight of the Month is Sandy Parks.  Sandy attends Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage at our Vancouver campus and is 1 of 5 students in our inaugural class.

Prior to massage, Sandy laid fiberoptic phone cable in the ocean.  She traveled the world, spending a lot of time off the coasts of South America, Japan, Canada and Mexico doing ship board operations, and splicing fiber optic cable.

Sandy Parks, Massage Student Sandy chose to get into massage therapy after discovering a broader use for the   modality than just relaxation.  She had been suffering through a shoulder injury and felt that surgery was the next option to get relief from the pain she was feeling.

The pain was bad enough that Sandy felt that her hobby of running obstacle course races was over.  Treatment with her Physical Therapist, who used massage strokes, helped Sandy learn how massage can help with injury recovery.

Sandy chose Bodymechanics School in Vancouver after attending an open house information session.  She saw an ad on Facebook and decided to come and take a closer look at the school.  Upon hearing about our focus on injury treatment to help clients with painful conditions, Sandy signed up and everything just fell into place.

Sandy is enjoying school so far and is excited to keep learning.  Her class is small – just 5 total students, but Sandy feels that will help with the education process.

Sandy is definitely an active person who enjoys running spartan races, karate, riding her motorcycle, and salmon fishing.  Her husband and 2 kids – ages 13 and 9 – keep her busy and often they are found doing  these activities together.  Her family is supportive of her going back to school, with the kids stepping up and helping more around the house.  But, they do find it funny that mom has homework now.

Future plans for Sandy is to continue on with her studies to include Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist and Nutritionist so that she can help others more completely.  With clients already driving from Olympia to Vancouver to get a massage from Sandy, she will definitely have a thriving massage practice in Vancouver.

Way to go Sandy!

We are enrolling for our next class at Bodymechanics School in Vancouver.  If you have an interest in learning more about massage therapy, give us a call at (360) 350-0015 and lets talk.  Or stop by the school at 7723 NE Fourth Plain Blvd, Vancouver and talk with our staff – we’d love to help you reach your goals.

Committed to your success

Shari Aldrich, LMP
Bodymechaincs School

Student Spotlight – Angela Jefferson

Angela Jefferson, Massage Student Angela Jefferson is a current student in our morning class that began massage school in October, 2018. She was selected as a student to profile based on exhibiting the traits that make for a successful student, as well as a successful massage therapist after graduation. I recently asked her about her experience with massage and the following are her answers. Why did you choose massage therapy? I chose massage because I fell completely “head over heels” in love with massage after my very first massage almost two years ago. I was at a local health and wellness fair and a recent graduate of Bodymechanics School was there providing chair massage. I was a bit hesitant about massage, so I didn’t sign up for her 10 min chair massage. I did however, carefully observe and watch her closely as she worked. I saw how her clients looked relaxed and delighted after her chair brief chair massage. I knew that I had to experience a table massage for myself with this lady. So, I took her card and made an appointment for a full body massage with her at the massage school in Tumwater, WA. After my table massage, I felt how good my body felt, how much better I moved, the shoulder ache I have been living with for years was literally gone. I wanted to bring this feeling to others who are living with aches/pains and depending only on medications to bring relief. Why did you choose Bodymechanics School? I choose Bodymechanics School because of the location, the hours of operations and the fact that I can use my GI Bill. After careful research, I wanted a school close to home, one where I can attend school during the day or nighttime and most important, one ...
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Student Spotlight – Theresa Turpel

Our Student Spotlight for this month is Vancouver campus evening class student Theresa Turpel. Theresa started school in November, 2018 and will graduate in September of 2019. Theresa Turpel Why did you choose massage therapy? What's your story... As far back as I can remember, I associated massage and touch therapy with comfort and a method for consoling others. So many of the basic concepts come to us all naturally and everything I read on it in my teens really connected with those instincts. Learning the real “why’s” behind it all in class now has strengthened my belief of the effect we have on each other and how we can direct that in positive ways. Massage makes me feel strong, hopeful, happy, and energized and I look forward to putting that same result onto those I get to work on. Each time I give a massage that has a visibly positive affect I feel invigorated and a growing sense of self-worth. I know that the more I continue to learn, the more I can assist others in being their best selves and achieving their own goals as well!Why did you choose Bodymechanics School? Bodymechanics had reviews from former students that really resonated with me. The focus on treatment was a missing piece in a lot of schools I had explored in the past. In the few short months I’ve been in class, I’ve been so excited to have my mind blown over and over with the concepts and practices introduced. I’m confident that what they teach will allow us to assist people in properly healing and to make real differences in people’s lives. How is class going for you so far? The instructors, administration, and my classmates have been phenomenal in both conveying subject material and in encouraging me to ...
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Student Spotlight: Sunshine Lopez

Student Spotlight:  Sunshine Lopez For this month, I chose for our student spotlight segment morning student Sunshine as she is the epitome of taking advantage of the opportunity that presents itself, and well, just her overall attitude. She is carefully balancing family commitments with school and work - and sometimes, it can get a little crazy. But Sunshine moves and lives with grace.  With five busy children, balancing life and school is very important. Sunshine comes to us from Hawaii, where she hopes to return someday soon.  Until then, Bodymechanics School is blessed with her presence in our school. Why Massage Therapy? When asked why she chose massage therapy, Sunshine says "I think the more appropriate question would be, why not massage therapy?" This is a career where you are trained to touch and trained to heal. For me, it was a chance to increase my knowledge of the body, the muscles and the tissues, that internal weave that connects the person to muscles and injuries. It a chance to knead new possibility of feeling healthy. She dreamed about going to massage school for many years.  In the past, she wanted massage school in Hawaii, when that didn't work out, she found our school in Olympia and took a leap. Sunshine was drawn into the restorative aspects after being involved in a car accident. Her massage therapist helped her to walk again. "Thats when I knew I had to learn the magic of touch." Sunshine chose Bodymechanics School because of: location, location, location, and timing. She also chose this school "because they offered a rock solid program. I trusted Shari, believed in her dreams and found that it was a perfect fit for me."  The school was convenient for her life, and fit in well with her busy schedule. When ...
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Student Spotlight – Tish Stewart

This months Student Spotlight is Vancouver massage school student Tish Stewart.  Tish was one of the first students who signed up for our school once we committed to opening in Vancouver.  In fact she interviewed with me in Tumwater and considered weekend classes and making the long trek north. Tish is a personal trainer, working with clients individually and in a group setting.  She felt that massage therapy would compliment her career.  She also is amazed and intrigued by the human body, and felt that massage therapy would enhance her understanding.  Tish's desire to help people live without pain and with increased mobility is a driving force in her career choices. From Athlete, To Personal Trainer, To Massage Therapist Tish competed in gymnastics, and was headed toward Olympics before knee injuries ended her career.  From there, she went into competitive swimming.  Swimming launched a new direction as Tish then became which led a lifeguard, swim instructor, and aerobics instructor.  During this time, she felt herself struggling with her own pain from sport injuries and pregnancy.  Ultimately, she discovered chiropractic and massage therapy. "Experiencing the benefits of massage and living pain free; having training clients held back from soft tissue restrictions catapulted me to become a massage therapist." So started the drive to find a massage school. Today, Tish enjoys spending time with my family, reading, swimming, drinking wine, going on adventures. Why did she chose Bodymechanics? Tish chose Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage - Vancouver because of its excellent reputation and the school's long history of producing quality massage therapists.  Additionally, Tish loves three components of our program that we specialize in: Injury treatment focus Education on the business side of massage Self care education to facilitate career longevity Tish discovered Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage through her friend Joleen,  a massage therapist in Vancouver ...
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Student Spotlight – Sarah Chamberlin

Our Tumwater Student Spotlight for June is Sarah Chamberlin. Sarah is a member of our 2016 graduating class that will graduate on July 15, 2016.  Her commitment to getting her massage license has inspired me.  Many students face incredible challenges to even get here - and Sarah is no exception. Her drive from Silverdale to Tumwater takes her about an hour each way.  Many challenges have come up, but Sarah has pushed on, realizing "short term pain for long term gain."  Many students are willing to drive great distances to get an exceptional massage therapy education offered at Bodymechanics School.  Without getting into details, Sarah has pushed beyond many personal challenges and I couldn't be more proud. Her commitment to providing a better life for her family and her gymnastic community inspires many.  For this reason, our Tumwater Student Spotlight - Sarah Chamberlin! Take it away, Sarah! Growing up as a gymnast and experiencing many sports related injuries, I spent a lot of time in the training room getting physical therapy work. I would always pick my trainers brain about how the body worked, exactly what muscles did what, and how I could stretch, strengthen, massage, and train my muscles properly. With great joy, I was asked to become the athletic trainer’s assistant my senior year in high school. I also grew up very interested in the human spirit and how healing could take place from a more “magical” perspective, rather than the typical medical/scientific methods. When I was in my early 20’s, I sought out these other methods of healing and experienced some amazing and wonderful clearings through Reiki, cranial sacral, crystal energy, and charka healing. I chose massage therapy because of my natural ability to sense and see areas of discomfort on people’s bodies and my desire help ...
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Student Spotlight: Ryan Cotton

Student Spotlight:  Ryan Cotton Our student spotlight on the month is Ryan Cotton who attends Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage at our Vancouver campus. Ryan is part of our inaugural morning class and is just 3 months into the 8.5-month program. Many people enter Bodymechanics School with a desire to help people and Ryan is no different.  He chose massage therapy because of a desire to help people.  Specifically, Ryan wants to work with athletes in pain to help them recover faster, gain better mobility and perform better.  Being a lifelong athlete himself, Ryan knows and understand the benefits of massage and self care. Much of our time learning about starting a  business and learning ninja marketing skills is spent identifying our niche market and ideal client – Ryan is well on his way since he already knows his ideal client. Ryan has had many jobs over the years in an attempt to find out what he wants to do.  He’s worked in restaurant management, data entry, call centers, bankruptcy, foreclosure solutions, Traumatic Brain Injury adult care and he’s even sold life insurance.  He has degrees in art and graphic design but couldn’t find a niche within that world that he loved. Outside of massage school, Ryan stays active.  He says “If I’m not moving and outdoors, then I am not living.”  He’s a retired ultra runner, enjoys running the occasional 5k or 10k.  He started racing cyclocross last season.  But he also enjoys rock climbing, hiking, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, martial arts, reading and cooking. Ryan discovered Bodymechanics School while searching for a massage program to join and was seconds away from enrolling at a different massage school in Portland.  He decided to do one last Google search to see if there were any massage therapy schools ...
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Student Spotlight – Stacie Edwards

Student Spotlight - Stacie Edwards This month, we are spotlighting Stacie Edwards of our Tumwater Campus for our student spotlight.  Stacie is enrolled in our morning program and is on track to graduate mid-July. Her experience working in different industries, including healthcare, and a personal journey through her own health obstacles led her to Bodymechanics.  “A large influence on my decision to choose this career came from my experience at Seattle Center For Structural Medicine.  I was exposed to many different types of bodywork and was able to witness first hand, the profound changes people were experiencing with their bodies and their health.  Some brought me to tears.” Knowing early on that if she was going to be a practitioner she would study multiple modalities to be able to work with her clients’ individual needs.  Her passion for treating the whole person started with study in Bowenwork® at the beginning of 2015.  Bowenwork® is a gentle modality that targets the autonomic nervous system.  It initiates change in the body through a system of touch that stimulates the nervous, musculoskeletal, and fascial systems.  She was eager to learn more and soon decided to attend massage school. “I chose Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage for their commitment to providing exceptional education.  This school strives to train the best massage therapists out there.  My past experience working with progressive practitioners taught me the importance of education." Since October I have had the pleasure of learning from passionate and intelligent instructors at Bodymechanics.  I am very happy with the education they provide.  It has helped immensely with my continuing educational process.” After graduation Stacie will be practicing in Thurston County and will continue study in tensegrity, fascial tension patterns, and objective testing and assessment through a mentorship with Kelly Clancy. You can follow Stacie's ...
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Student Spotlight – Sandy Parks of our Vancouver Campus

Student Spotlight - Sandy Parks We are spotlighting Sandy Parks this month for our student spotlight.  Sandy attends Bodymechanics School at our Vancouver campus and is 1 of 5 students in our inaugural class. Prior to massage, Sandy laid fiberoptic phone cable in the ocean.  She traveled the world, spending a lot of time off the coasts of South America, Japan, Canada and Mexico doing ship board operations, and splicing fiber optic cable. Sandy chose to get into massage therapy after discovering a broader use for the modality than just relaxation.  She had been suffering through a shoulder injury and felt that surgery was the next option to get relief from the pain she was feeling. The pain was bad enough that Sandy felt that her hobby of running obstacle course races was over.  Treatment with her Physical Therapist, who used massage strokes, helped Sandy learn how massage can help with injury recovery. Sandy chose Bodymechanics School in Vancouver after attending an open house information session.  She saw an ad on Facebook and decided to come and take a closer look at the school.  Upon hearing about our focus on injury treatment to help clients with painful conditions, Sandy signed up and everything just fell into place. Sandy is enjoying school so far and is excited to keep learning.  Her class is small - just 5 total students, but Sandy feels that will help with the education process. Sandy is definitely an active person who enjoys running spartan races, karate, riding her motorcycle, and salmon fishing.  Her husband and 2 boys - ages 13 and 9 - keep her busy and often they are found doing  these activities together.  Her family is supportive of her going back to school, with the kids stepping up and helping more around the house ...
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Massage versus Automation

Graduation of our morning class January 16, 2015 Stefan Saunders, Graduate Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage We live in a time when things are increasingly automated, and more and more people are losing work to machinery. There’s a trend in this industry of bringing in more devices and tools to do some of our work for us too. There are massage chairs and scalp massagers and various kinds of “neck massagers.” But, in this business, there will always be a human component. A lot of clients will never be satisfied by an automated massage, no matter how advanced the machines may become. People will always need the human touch, and no machine can every really duplicate that. In this business the machines will always play an assistive role only, and our knowledge and skills will ensure that we will never become obsolete. Our profession is considered a helping profession. What we really do is make people feel better. Nowadays people are constantly being sold products and services on the promise that if they give up their money they’ll feel better. We can actually deliver on that. So, I would add that another service that we provide is freedom from the usual unfulfilled promises that people get everywhere else. When I was younger, I delivered pizza for a living. It was a lousy job in most respects, but there was one nice thing about it. People were always happy to see me. Doing massage work, we can have that same satisfaction of knowing people will always be happy to see us. As long as people feel pain, they will want relief from it. As long as people feel the need to test the limits of their bodies by playing sports, they will want quick relief from the consequences of their ...
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Student Spotlight: DJ Schmiedegerg

DJ is a student in our current morning class and will graduate in January 2015. Prior to massage school, DJ owned his own business and did 15+ years of karate. His work was very physical and he had daily aches and pains. DJ became interested in massage school after receiving massages from one of our graduates after a car accident. The relief he felt was enough for him to start asking questions about massage school.   DJ decided to join Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage as soon as we were able to accept the GI Bill for school tuition. Since being in massage school, DJ has developed a deep understanding of kinesiology and anatomy, and its relationship to injuries. He is happy to report that his own aches and pains have decreased and he is now running pain free. I asked DJ how Bodymechanics School is meeting his expectations and without hesitation he said it is “exceeding expectations.” He is excited to use what he is learning with athletes. He’s worked with the Rochester High School football team and a group of ballet dancers from all over the world who met for a summer intensive at Evergreen State College. DJ has enjoyed shadowing professional staff at the school. He gets a kick out of teaching his young daughter massage techniques – and then learning that she is teaching her classmates at school what she has learned. Recently, we launched a new program at Bodymechanics School in which DJ participated.  The program is part of our new Advanced Education Training program that was launched with his class. During the AET program, DJ participated in 5 modules that are each designed to help the student integrate their education, interact with the public and understand how to apply the knowledge to help grow their ...
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Student Spotlight: Jose Lozano

Jose "Joe" Lozano may not be your typical massage student with his 17 years serving in the US military.  Yet, he found himself drawn to the holistic approach to healthcare through massage therapy.  Joe noticed that those who sought out just chiropractic care, drugs or physical therapy for their aching backs, necks and legs related to military service didn't get as much relief as those who included massage therapy in their healthcare. So, surprising himself and his family, Joe started researching massage schools and made a decision in July to join Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage in Olympia, Washington.  His days are now filled with working full time during the day as a cook for the military and evenings at Bodymechanics School 4 nights a week. I asked Joe what attracted him to Bodymechanics School, and he felt primarily that our focus on massage therapy as a stand-alone program in just 8 shorts months was tops (compared to programs that take 2 years through an Associate degree.)    Beyond that, Joe was intrigued by our student success as practitioners upon graduation was a strong second.  He researched for quite some time on the internet and just felt that Bodymechanics School was the best option for him and his goals.  Innovation and integration with other programs at the school has convinced Joe that he made the right choice for his future goals. Other attributes that Joe really appreciates about Bodymechanics School are the small class size which allow instructors to give individual focus to students.  He doesn't feel that instructors time is split too thin between students.  Kinesiology is his favorite class  describing the instructors passion for teaching, her dedication to massage therapy and her vibrant personality as catalysts to student success.  (Huge kudos to Kinesiology instructor Shuna Morelli, BS ...
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Sports Massage at Capital City Marathon

On Sunday, May 18, 2014, students at Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage once again provided free sports massage to many of the runners who competed in the Capital City Marathon in Olympia, Wa. The school has been a longstanding sponsor of the event and our students have massaged thousands of runners over the years.  This year’s event was another shining example of how great an experience it is for the students and runners alike. Read on for some great comments from our students: “I had a great day massaging at the marathon. It's so nice to hear the marathoners compliment us and appreciate what we are doing for them. It was a wonderful experience to have. Isn't this what it's all about? To make people feel better with our healing hands. I love it”  Mui M. “I had a wonderful day today! And seems like everyone else did too! I'm so grateful to help people, and have the chance to become a massage therapist! A big thank you to Shari Aldrich and Wayne Johnson! You guys are so awesome!”  Chad “Had a blast with everyone today! It was a lot of fun!”    Scott C “Love it... had sooo much fun!”  Audie H. “So much fun today! I'm so tired....  I need a massage”  Laura D. "What an awesome experience... I would do it again!!!!!"  Jayla J. “I had so much fun spending the day with some AWESOME fellow massage students - Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy and Massage ROCKS!! Thank you for being such and inspiration to all Wayne and Shari.”  Pebbles "This experience was out of this world AMAZING! Did you all see that fabulous older gentleman who could barely walk across the finish line? Inspirational doesn't begin to cover it. I felt honored and stresses and so BLESSED to participate ...
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Student Spotlight: Stephanie Upton, MD

When I first interviewed Stephanie Upton back in June, 2013 and I glanced at her current profession and saw “physician” written down, I was a little taken aback.  I mean, who would think that an MD would want to go to massage school, right?  But, she did want to go to massage school to complete a dream she held close for many years. I sat down with Steph this morning to reflect upon her career path and her future goals; and how massage therapy will fit in her future.  I am so thankful that Stephanie made the decision to join Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage and bring with her an enthusiasm to help that is contagious. Steph describes that growing up; she was always interested in a massage career.  Yet, somehow medical school and following the “medical career treadmill” got in the way of following her first passion.  She describes being the second person in her family to go to college, and the first to obtain a graduate degree. From there, her days were spent working in medicine.  Many years passed and she found working in the western medical philosophy and her own personal views on health and wellness conflicting at times.   She describes looking into ways that she could 1) work within the medical system in a different way that was more in line with her views and 2) looking at other opportunities to explore ways that she could be of help to people. At the time, Stephanie was working at a local Urgent Care facility, and when she made the decision to leave, she decided to pursue Hospice medicine and was anticipating unemployment.  She recognized that the opportunity to do massage therapy school would bring her closer to her something she always wanted to do. Massage therapy ...
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Student Spotlight: Gavin Gullard

As the morning class at Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage prepares for graduation in a matter of weeks, I had a chance to catch up with our youngest student Gavin, who at just 18 years old is well on his way to success. Gavin started massage school 1 month after graduating from both high school and from Centralia College with his AA degree – at just 17 years old. Bodymechanics School was the right choice for Gavin because of its proximity to his home, but also because the school had the best reviews out of the other schools he reviewed prior to making his decision.  “I’d recommend this school to anyone who is considering a massage therapy career in Washington.  It’s the best there is!” When asked why he chose massage school, he relates that he wanted to learn more about the body and that it seemed to be a good skill to have for the future.  You see, Gavin has big plan for his future, which doesn't stop after graduation. Long-term goals for Gavin include a degree in Psychology and having a career in massage therapy will allow Gavin to work in a career that is flexible while also helping to put him through more college courses. Gavin describes himself as hardworking and has a strong desire to learn more about the body.  He’s interested in opening a practice some day that will allow him to utilize massage and psychology to help clients achieve lasting healthy results. Gavin is truly an intelligent young man, with an eye to his future goals.  The staff at Bodymechanics School is very excited to see where his future takes him.  Best luck, Gavin! ...
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Student Spotlight: Cassie Edwards

This week we meet up with Cassie Edwards who is a student in our weekend program.  Weekend classes meet two to three weekends a month and are a great option for those who work during the week and still desire evenings free as well as the ability to still have down time on the weekends. Cassie realized while a junior in high school that massage therapy would be a great career choice for her.  She was a competitive wrestler during her high school years.  A painful back injury put her out for an entire season and massage therapy was the only thing that helped ease her back pain, and contributed to healing her back as well as it did. At that moment, she knew massage therapy was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life.  She states, “I want to help heal people with through massage.” Cassie chose to attend Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage because of the positive feedback she received from former students about the instructors and the program. Cassie states that she has learned a lot already – and she’s just four months into the program.  She believes that attention to different learning styles is a big plus about the program. The support from fellow classmates and instructors is proof positive that “you’re not just another student at Bodymechanics and that student success is job #1.” After graduation, Cassie plans on a massage practice with a treatment focus.  She wants to help others get relief from painful conditions just as she received help herself with her debilitating back pain.  She understands that returning people to the life they want to live, full of activities that bring them joy, is the most important thing that she can do to help. We couldn’t agree more, ...
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Student Spotlight: Tiffany Reid

Hey there, my name is Tiffany Reid and I'd like to share my story with you on why I wanted to become a massage therapist and why I chose Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy and Massage. I currently live in Olympia with my wonderful family.  In 2009 I graduated from Elma High School. When I was 16 I got into the Running Start Program; going to South Puget Sound Community College full time. In the same year I started working for the Washington State Department of Transportation as a temporary employee. In August of 2009 I was fortunate to obtain permanent status as a full time employee with WSDOT and I still do. Continuing my education with SPSCC; I was unable to find a career path that truly caught my attention. As a child I was very involved in sports. This active lifestyle led to chronic pain in my back. I went to one doctor to another, with no relief. I was finally sent to a massage therapist. I didn’t know exactly what to expect but I was hopeful for results. Amazement hit me when I was finally able to take a deep breath without crippling pain in my back. From that moment on I wanted to become the only thing that was able to help me – a massage therapist ...
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Student Spotlight: Nadine Pingel

Nadine Pingel is a student in our morning class, which began in July of this year.  She and I met a couple of times prior to her decision to join the school.  I was excited with Nadine's decision to join our program for her personal development, and for the changes she will provide her clients. Being a busy mom of 2 kids and working as a personal trainer, Nadine took her time researching the school, the profession and the time commitment.  Her decision to join Bodymechanics was well thought out and she is an amazing addition to our school. Nadine’s story: With many years of experience working in the Fitness & Health Industry as a Personal Trainer, I was feeling stuck and helpless to a point.  The question I was asking myself quite a bit was: "How can I have somebody move functionally when the muscle and connective tissue seems to be not moving at all?" Well, of course I tried stretching techniques, but it just didn't do the job.  An important puzzle piece was still missing. While looking into continuing education, always eager to learn more about the human body and its function, I stumbled across massage therapy and thought that might just be the answer for me.  I thought “what if I could learn techniques to make a muscle (well, it s really the connective tissue) more pliable so it can move functionally?” After researching several massage therapy schools and meeting with the owner at Bodymechanics, Shari, I had no doubt that Bodymechanics would be the right choice for me. 4 ½ months into the program and several classes on injury treatments, all my expectation are met and I am super excited about what the future will bring after graduation. My future goal is to promote optimal health and physical fitness through body awareness; physical ...
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