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Student Of The Month

Student of the month

Student Spotlight – Chelle Prostler

Vancouver Massage School StudentsOur student of the month is Chelle Prostler.  Chelle is a student at our Vancouver massage school campus and is set to graduate in just a few weeks.

Chelle was led to massage school having worked with people with disabilities her whole life.  She has run group homes, worked at rehab centers, nursing homes, and schools. She has always been a caregiver.

She had a co-worker attend the Bodymechanics and she said it changed her life. So, Chelle decided to take her caregiving to the next level with direct physical healing and a massage education.

“It truly felt like it was what I was supposed to do. It has been an amazing experience. I look forward to expanding my knowledge and skills.”
Chelle Prostler

What surprised her most about Bodymechanics School…

She said the first surprise was how HARD it was – she had no concept of the amount of information she would be taught. Luckily, our program prepared her for success as she has already passed the MBLEx – the national certification exam required to get her massage license.

The second surprise was how much she bonded with the people who were on this journey with her: classmates and instructors. Massage school has a way of creating bonds that last forever.

Since starting school, she feels revitalized. She says she has found this a passion and can’t wait to get started on her career!

Her future goals include to continue to learn and too practice this craft she has learned: add to it and shape it. She’s very interested in learning cupping, taping, energy work, shiatzu, cranio-sacral work… so much!

School / Life Balance

Working while going to evening massage school is tough for everyone. It’s a challenge no matter what to find time to balance the requirements for work, for family and for education. But, these “night owls” as we call them are always so dedicated to changing their life for the better.

To know that our program changes lives for people like Chelle fires us UP. Our commitment to creating an exceptional experience is our top priority. Our instructors walk the walk and talk the talk.

If you are interested in a massage career, let’s talk!
Maybe you will be our next Student of the Month 🙂


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