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Creating Exceptional Massage Therapists

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A Closer Look

Take a Closer Look

A Closer Look At Bodymechanics

Bodymechanics is an education destination for those who seek exceptional education, leadership training, marketing tactics, and opportunity generation. Education is our biggest passion and we show it by our commitment to educating students, professionals and the community. Our goal is to create a better life for everyone we touch – and to deliver results with passion. We offer a down-to-earth attitude that is results focused.
2019 is a milestone year for Bodymechanics School as we’ve reached our 20th year of being an approved school with the State of Washington.

The more we teach, the more we learn – be it from students, graduates or from the community. Governed by one of our guiding principles of “empowerment in education,” we seek to inspire and motivate people in our communities through education, fitness and community outreach programs. We aim to fill the gap in vocational education.

The Bodymechanics Gears in Motion are seen as an instrument that moves students through through the education process to successful practitioner and on to a community leader. We believe education continues long after graduation – and our commitment to creating sustainable relationships with those we teach is unwavering. We’ve achieved this level because we keep asking, “How can we be better?” We pride ourselves on our services and help in ways our customers never imagined.

Give 3% to Hospice Care

This is our “giving forward” pledge.
Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage commits 3% of student tuition payments to provide hospice massage. This is our way to give back to a population that benefits greatly from massage therapy. Our give allows the massage therapist to receive compensation providing this valuable service.

This tiny pledge is in alignment with our mission, and many students desire to give hospice massage on graduation. Our pledge bridges the gap to meet the student goals, and allows us to support what matters most – creating a better life for those we touch.

Our fund supports the Visiting Nurses Foundation.

Mission 2020 – Inspiring the Exceptional Within

The Bodymechanics School sets gears in motion to 3 main gears that are interconnected:

  1. Learn
  2. Flourish
  3. Network

1. Bodymechanics Learn –

The Bodymechanics Learn gears indicate the motion involved in learning massage and personal training. The demonstrate the interconnected nature of the school, the professional clinic, the Bodymechanics Training Center and the Network of Businesses. Each gear has specific cogs that are part of the education process.

The Bodymechanics Training Center overlays the school in 3 very specific and important ways – each designed to enhance education and build the Bodymechanics brand in the communities we serve.

The Bodymechanics Training Center is one of the most important assets of Bodymechanics School. We connect students, graduates, our network and the community. We value creating leaders in the massage and training professions.

Student Development
  • Tutoring
  • Mentoring
  • Information Sessions
  • Intro Workshops
  • Business Development
  • Career Counseling
  • Videos
  • Books
  • Massage School
  • Personal Trainer School
  • Partner Clinics
  • Advanced Training Program
Professional Development
  • Continuing Ed
  • Mentorship
  • Business Development
  • Incubator Program
  • Teacher Development
  • Integrated Structural Therapist
  • First Year Experience
  • Bodymechanics Network of Businesses
Community Ed
  • Health Seminars
  • Intro Workshops
  • “How To” series
  • of workshops – massage, stretch, etc
  • Nutrition
  • Event Participation
  • Community Anatomy and Physiology lecture series
  • Community Outreach
  • Fund raising for charities

Bodymechanics Learn is designed to set students up for massive success. One primary goal is to identify problems before they become, well – a problem. Utilizing instructors and graduate mentors, we are committed to helping students succeed. Students can access these tools by simply asking for help. Regular meetings with our staff offer access to help.

Our massages school programs in Tumwater and Vancouver, as well as our  Personal Trainer programs are uniquely designed to help students develop and create the practice of their dreams.

The Advanced Training Program is a stand-alone program that offers 20 individual programs – each lasting for 10 hours, of which the student chooses five. Each module helps the student identify specific areas of interest which helps understand niche specializations. We further incorporate the niche specialties into business planning further into the program.

Bodymechanics Experience Officer (EO) reaches students prior to school starting to engage and educate students on what it means to become a student at Bodymechanics. The EO incorporates education with fun through one of our core programs, the Bodymechanics Training Center engages the students with the community and the network of professionals the school interacts with – be it massage therapists, lawyers, web designers, or other business owners. The EO creates experiences to enrich and enhance the education at Bodymechanics.

Students will benefit in all aspects of our training through mentors and tutors who are graduates of our program. Those students who excel and have a passion for leading others are brought in as mentors after they graduate – coming full circle. The more we teach, the more we learn.

2. Bodymechanics Flourish

Collaborating, connecting and learning with professionals from around the country offering continuing education classes allow our graduates and other professionals we’ve connected with, to stay in contact with Bodymechanics.

Our extensive team who participate in our Network of Businesses will facilitate professional development. The team includes lawyers, insurance agents, realtors, medical professionals, clinic owners, marketing leaders and others who share a passion for developing top-notch massage practitioners.

Graduates continue to flourish long after graduation. Bodymechanics focus on business and professional development is evident by our continuity of programs – such as mentors, instructor training, continuing education, business development, and community involvement.


Business development offered through our exclusive First Year Experience (FYE) program offers support on marketing, mindset, motivation, business growth, workshops, etc. The Bodymechanics Training Center is bridging the gap between traditional education models that sees the student graduate, then forgotten soon after. FYE allows us to continue to connect with our graduates and show that education doesn’t stop when the diploma is received.

Our commitment to graduate success is further seen by continued business development, e-mail list building components on a website that has been developed with our unique professional abilities in mind – designed to connect with the community because of the Bodymechanics brand. For those who are dedicated to professional development, the Bodymechanics Training Center, focused on growth, will far exceed expectations. What this means, is that the graduate audience will have a BETTER sense of the quality of work offered by our graduates as the language on the website is more specific than a generalized website offered by national association programs.

Those who take advantage of this program will have additional “done for you” marketing done via e-mail list building, autoresponder development, program development and e-mail marketing.

Additional programs for continuing education courses at the school and our own instructor training course develops leaders, mentors and instructors. Graduates of our program are eligible to step into teacher assistant positions; as well as mentor students currently enrolled.

3. Bodymechanics Connect

Connecting with the community has never been easier than through the Bodymechanics Training Center and our exclusive Network of Businesses. These 2 exclusive components overlay the education offered and accelerate professional development.

Connecting with the community is easily accomplished with seminars and workshops – often taught by students, with an instructor to oversee the “class.” Students are taught leadership and teaching skills that will enhance education. Meeting the community through events bolsters confidence and develops professional skills to build their practice before graduation.

Our Network of Businesses offers a network of professionals – from lawyers, to insurance agents, to web developers, to clinics, spas and independent practitioners. Students and graduates will be able to connect and develop professional relationships. They will build their businesses on sound business advice. They will understand professionalism.

Connecting with the community allows students and graduates to accelerate their business, so that they can focus on giving quality care to those they touch.

Massage Business Accelerator

The Massage Business Accelerator (MBA) program is designed for students to consider the business on Day 1 of school. While in school, our students receive base knowledge in 6 key areas so that they are introduced to advanced business concepts.

We recognize that not all students will want to become business owners – but for those who do, we’ve launched the MBA program that helps students and graduates alike.

Additionally, this program is perfect for the seasoned veteran who wants to accelerate growth, and who is looking to grow or add on to their practice.

The MBA program is built on the following components:

  • Technique
  • Communication
  • Marketing
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Self-Care
  • Business Development
  • Mastermind Group

Each module will educate on the finer points of building your practice using sound ideas.

The mastermind will meet throughout the year at different locations. Participants will be privy to top minds in the business world – connections that Shari has facilitated through coaching programs she has participated in.

Perfect 20-20 VISION


It’s okay to be vulnerable – to let people into your life. So many times, I see massage therapists who are so over the top uber professional that they don’t connect with clients. From my experience, that vulnerability – the connection, has been the biggest factor to my business exploding. The ability to be human with someone, and have the deep conversations adds value to your life in ways you won’t understand until you try it.


At Bodymechanics School, we have focused on innovating the massage and training curriculums so that we are more than just another “me too” school. We provide quality education – but more than that, we’ve continued to ask “how can we be better?” Our Bodymechanics Training Center and the Network of Businesses are 2 results of asking that question. Students are supported before, during and after their schooling.


Telling the story of your life with someone is a powerful tool. Again, so many people are ruled by fear. The Bodymechanics School story is being written. Sharing our vulnerability and innovation with people is highly valued at Bodymechanics. Shari’s personal story connects with people who have experienced great tragedy and trauma in their life. Those connections create bonds that exceed the time in school. Tell your story and you will find connections with people that will help propel you to your greater future.

Inner child

So often, as we age, we lose the passion for play. Each one of us has our inner child inside that really wants to come out and play! Our program is built around play – we laugh, we create memories, we take class outside on a sunny day, we take field trips, we play with kick balls at break time.

One big goal

Our “one big goal” is creating exceptional therapists. We couldn’t do this without a tremendous team who are passionate about what they do. We build the goal around 4 foundational concepts  technique, marketing, communication and critical thinking skills. And, we’ve incorporated fun programs around these 4 concepts to ensure maximum success.


Our network includes past graduates, instructors, business people in our communities, web developers, lawyers, and other networking opportunities. The ability to connect with peers and other professionals is a core reason our graduates are successful. Opportunities abound for students and graduates to network with successful people.


4 Questions, 4 Myths & the 4 Pillars of Success

Enjoy this FREE e-book where I will help you to understand the massage profession and answer questions, dispel myths and explain the Bodymechanics School.