How integrating yoga and massage quickly turned into a dream business!

Mikhayla Pitts found out about Bodymechanics School through a friend who was helping her work through pain in her neck. After several treatments, Mikhayla was blown away by how knowledgeable her friend was about the body and how massage can provide healing even after years of chronic pain. Massage had already been on Mikhayla’s mind for some time, as she was involved in other wellness activities, like yoga, and even taught classes at a local studio in Portland Oregon where she grew up. Mikhayla describes how she was inspired through healing:

“Before my friend started working on me, I had only experienced relaxation massage, but never treatment work. Through her treatment, I learned the immense benefits that massage has for healing the body.” 

After beginning classes at the Bodymechanics School campus in Vancouver, Washington, Mikhayla immediately fell in love with the immense knowledge and advanced treatment techniques we offer:

“I really enjoyed the treatment classes and learning about what was going on in people’s bodies, the dysfunction that was happening, and how I could effectively help them through pain. I really enjoy learning through hands-on experiences, and the instructors are all very thorough and knowledgeable in their teaching methods.”

As a yoga Instructor, Mikhayla loved the idea of integrating yoga and massage, while also incorporating joint play and range-of-motion techniques into her yoga practice. 

After her experience going through the program and recently graduating, Mikhayla decided to take her love for yoga and massage and turn it into a business. 

“I had some doubts opening my own business, but the ladies at the yoga studio helped me navigate my trepidation as a first-time business owner. They immediately resolved the doubts I had by giving me a place to establish my clientele, where I pay as I use the space, rather than paying a large monthly rent fee; this really helped me feel less pressure and more at ease as I establish a clientele as I start out. They also offered me free advertising that is accessible to my target demographic, which saved me a lot of overhead cost. Aside from saving money right from the beginning, I was also fortunate to have a support system of ladies I trust and who were more than willing to answer all my questions about billing, insurance, and any other questions that might come up.  As a first-time business owner, it was a no-brainer, and with several years of experience as a yoga instructor, I was able to offer massage to clients who are already focused on overall wellness and who I’ve established a relationship of trust.”

One of the great things about having a business that integrates both yoga and massage is the fact that Mikhayla can incorporate her own self-care routine throughout the day. 

“I teach a few classes and incorporate massage throughout the day,  without being overly exhausted or burnt out. While teaching yoga I have that time to stretch in-between massages, and without the stress of huge overhead costs, I’m enjoying the process of establishing a regular client base. I really want to take the time to build up my business organically, while taking care of myself and establishing trust with my clients.”

Mikhayla is taking the time to teach yoga while focusing on her business and is excited to already have several repeat clients after just a few months. In the future, Mikhayla plans to learn Shiatsu and Thai massage. Mikhayla teaches at Heights Yoga in Vancouver Washington, where she also has her massage business.

Our advanced training includes expansive career planning and strategizing to find the BEST career pathway for our graduates. Many, like Mikhayla, choose to launch their business right out of school. Others choose to work in local chiropractor offices, wellness clinics or spas. Our goal is to help you find the BEST option for YOU, allowing you to space to explore options. 

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Mikhayla Pitts, LMT