For our Graduate Corner, I asked Katie Fitch, LMP to share her experience since graduating from Bodymechanics School in 2007.  Katie is a seasoned massage therapist and has worked in many states.  Today, Katie is the Kinesiology instructor at our Vancouver massage therapy school campus.

Here is Katie’s Story

Katie Fitch, LMPI decided to get into massage therapy after working as a medical assistant for 20+ years.  I realized that I wanted to be more proactive in healthcare rather than reactive.  I have always loved massage and went to a massage school in 1998 in California. It wasn’t very good.
They taught me basics about massage but when completed, I did not feel that it was enough education for me to have a sustainable practice.
When I moved to Washington I found Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy and Massage. It was a more advanced massage therapy program so I enrolled and graduated from their (at the time) 900 hour massage program in 2007.
Bodymechanics School prepared me to succeed.
I was in a large class – around 30 students.  School instructors took their time with each student to make sure we understood what was being taught. I felt secure in my learning.  Additionally, school business classes prepared me so that I could go right into my own practice after graduation and feel confident with what I had learned.
Since graduating in 2007, I have had my own practice for the most part.  My husband Andy and I have also moved around a lot since I graduated  so I’ve also worked for massage studios. I really prefer my own business but moving makes it difficult because you have to find new clients with each move.
When living in Alaska for 5 years I was offered a great opportunity.
I was asked by Alaska Missions to volunteer to do massage on the mushers that crossed the finish line after a

Massage therapy Kinesiology Instructor
Katie at the finish line for the Iditarod

1,040 mile trip from Anchorage to Nome at the annual Iditerod Sled Dog Race each March. It was an exciting opportunity not only to perform massage on very needy mushers and athletes but also to be able to work on 1 of the lead dogs that had a tricep problem. Muscle is muscle right? It was so interesting to hear their stories of their trip through the wilderness often times in 60 degrees below zero. I still go up every year to Nome to work on them. It’s really exciting.

When Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage decided to open a Vancouver campus, I was interested in a teaching position immediately.  Andy and I flew down and met with Shari and soon found myself hired as the school Administrative Assistant or “house mom” as I like to say and Kinesiology instructor.
Teaching has always been part of my dream. I think kinesiology is amazing! When first asked to teach this I wondered if I was capable of teaching  this class. Kinesiology was one of my hardest subjects in school because there is a lot of  memorization. But I pushed through my terror and survived. I realized my education taught me everything I needed to know. Now I can teach others the love of muscles. Yes, I am a muscle nerd!  Seeing the students reach new heights and learn so much is fulfilling to me also. I love it when the lightbulb goes on  and they “get it”.
I am so excited to see this amazing company grow to unbelievable heights. I’m very proud of the school and am glad we have the chance to reach out to so many more people in a new area and teach them massage. Opening Bodymechanics School in Vancouver gave me the chance to move from Alaska to be near my family and do what I love. Even though my husband didn’t have a job we took a leap of faith and he helped me follow my dream. I feel like this is what I was meant to do. Vancouver is a great area. I know our school here will grow like crazy as people see what kind of therapists are graduating from this school. I admire Shari for her vision for this school and for the whole Bodymechanics’  system.
I also believe in working hard toward your goal and NEVER give up!
“Many of life’s failures are individuals who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” (Pastor John Hagee). Work hard, keep going and realize your dream. I did and couldn’t be happier. It’s so exciting to be a part of something big.I look forward to meeting with you soon at our Vancouver campus!

Katie Fitch, LMP
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