I worked long and hard to get where I am today. When I first started working I hated my jobs; bussing tables in a

Kathleen Jardine, LMP
Kathleen Jardine, LMP

cafeteria, making beds in a resort, cooking meals in an institution. When I started working with people, teaching basic living skills to serious mentally ill adults, I realized that helping people was more than just a job, it was profound, meaningful work. I had a massage license back in those days – just a short 100 or so hour training in Swedish massage. I liked it. It seemed like a good way to “touch” people, but I didn’t stay with it. I got diverted for 25 or so years. I was still helping people, just in a different way.

About 2 years ago I found myself in a position of needing a serious change in my career. I needed to find a different way to earn money.  My heart wasn’t in the mental health field “helping people” any longer. I still wanted to be able to help others. I thought massage would allow me to help people in a different way, it was something I experienced in the past, I liked it and I was good at it. It allows me to touch people in a way that helps them and gives me meaning. I decided to go back to massage school and get the required training necessary to restart my career.

I looked around, I asked some people, and I was directed to Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy and Massage. I was told it’s a good school that I would get a good education. It offers advanced training in injury treatment and offers small class size so learning is focused on getting good technique and getting intimate yet formalized training.  I showed up, I practiced, I studied, and finished: the first step of my career goal. I learned a lot, and connected with some great people.

Now here I am, a Licensed Massage Practitioner starting out trying to figure out all the necessary intricacies of building a business. Shari, the owner of Bodymechanics has been so helpful and continues to help me in Grad Clinic. She is amazing, helping me build a practice, coaching and guiding me. Bodymechanics has totally helped me meet my goals.  I joined the team at Integrative Health Clinic when I received my license.  I would wholeheartedly recommend this school to anyone who asks!

Some day in the near future I will have a successful thriving practice doing something meaningful that I love!  I have an introductory massage price of just $49 and would love the opportunity to help this community feel better.

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Well, it’s been a busy 3 years for Kathleen since we last chatted!  Kathleen has been a Licensed Massage Practitioner at Integrative Health Clinic since graduating in 2013.

Besides treating massage clients, Kathleen decided to join the Certified Personal Trainer program at Bodymechanics School in October of 2015.  At the time, Kathleen didn’t think she wanted to be a CPT, but she did know that massage wasn’t enough to fully help people at a deeper level.

Kathleen herself has corrective issues that she wanted to resolve by learning the corrective exercise information.  To get to that level, Kathleen needed to take the CPT classes.  4 months in the CPT program, she learned life changing information that was valuable to her about how important the core functions and where the work centers when we have movement.  When we don’t have a strong core, we have injury.  Learning about the different types of exercise that she didn’t have a history of exposure to was somewhat overwhelming for Kathleen, but beneficial to learn it at the same time.

Kathleen graduated top in her class and became a NASM CPT.

Subsequently, Kathleen chose to continue learning the Corrective Exercise portion to enhance her understanding of her personal corrective issues.

She now understands how to assess and evaluate postural deviations and how to develop a corrective plan for those who need help.  This is also very powerful information that has been helpful to her clients already.  As her practice evolves, Kathleen will continue to put into practice the knowledge she gained during the CPT/CES programs to help as many people as possible.

Today, Kathleen looks at people from their postural issues and she often sees problems in the way they move.  She is developing tools to help clients strengthen their weak areas which helps their soft tissue dysfunction improve.

To schedule with Kathleen for evaluation and treatment of your condition, call the office at (360) 350-0015 and get on her schedule.

  • 1 hour Massage – $75
  • 1 hour Massage and Corrective Exercise Evaluation – $100
  • 1 hour Personal Training $60
    • Packages available