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Creating Exceptional Massage Therapists

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Graduate Corner Jennifer Foster Hinman Lmt

Graduate Corner: Jennifer Foster-Hinman, LMT

Graduate Corner:  Jennifer Foster-Hinman, LMT

Meet Jennifer Foster-Hinman, LMT – one of our most recent graduates from Bodymechanics School of Jennifer Foster-Hinman, LMTMyotherapy & Massage.  Prior to massage school, Jennifer worked for 10 years at the Washington State Department of Health as an Emergency Preparedness Coordinator.

Jennifer is a military spouse.  Prior to moving to Washington State, her family lived in Arizona for a few years and she worked as a substitute teacher and also a stay-at-home mom.

Why Massage as a New Career?

Massage was always something Jennifer wanted to do.  After college, she went the traditional career direction and then later as a stay-at-home mom.  After her husband became a wounded warrior, she saw the amount of pain he was in and she thought she could relieve some of that pain through massage.

Massage for military veterans is becoming a routine part of the returning veterans care plan after service.  Bodymechanics School sees many veterans joining our school as a result of receiving massage services as part of their rehab.  We also see many spouses join our school to help relieve their spouses pain.  (Read more about military massage here https://www.massagemag.com/massage-military-veterans-44583/)

Bodymechanics School

Jennifer originally thought of going to a different massage school until she came in and met everyone at Bodymechanics School.  In her own words:   “I loved how this school was small and felt like they treated us all like family. They truly care about each student and want you to do well.  I am so glad I came here.”

During her time at the school, she learned advanced massage techniques which helped her take care of her husbands pain.  She also excelled in providing exceptional massage techniques to clients in our student  clinic – some of which followed her into her professional career.

Jennifer applied to become a Teachers Assistant after graduating from the program.  She is now the TA for our new Kinesiology instructor, Ted Putvin, LMT.  Jennifer is able to offer Ted insight into the Kinesiology program as a recent graduate – what worked well for her, and what things did not work so well.  She also helps grade exams, helps students study and helps prepare the classroom for the days activities.

Bodymechanics Incubator Massage Program

The Incubator Massage Program is one of our newest programs offered at Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage.  Jennifer is one of our first members, along with 2 of her classmates to join the incubator program, which offers 6 or 12 month options to help launch the professional careers for those who are committed to quickly growing their private practices.

Each week, members of the incubator program meet with school owner, Shari Aldrich, LMT for mentoring and guidance as they work to build their practice.

Since graduating, Jennifer sees clients out of Bodymechanics professional clinic.  She likes to work with clients who are invested in their health and understand the power of massage. She is motivated by stories of how massage made a different in client pain levels and improved their day to day life.

One primary goal for Jennifer is to continue learning and to have quite a few more modalities under her belt so that she can be more effective to various people. She’s passionate about helping new clients – especially those who desire to take charge of health with the power of massage.

Jennifer says this:

I would love to meet new clients. I am happy when clients put their trust in me to relieve their pain or to help them relax.

When she’s not at the office, Jennifer loves to read.  But lately she has been a dance mom to her 10 year old. Its a joy to watch her dance and compete.

Welcome aboard Jennifer!  We enjoy what you bring to the school and to the clinic every day you are here.

If you’d like to schedule a massage with Jennifer, give the office a call at (360) 350-0015.


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