Graduate Corner:  Jennifer Brocx, LMT CH

Graduate Corner, Jennifer Brocx, LMTThis months  Graduate Corner spotlight is on Jennifer Brocx, LMT CH, who graduated from Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage in July, 2017 and is already gaining a reputation in Olympia as an injury treatment specialist in her private practice.

I had the opportunity to meet up with Jennifer last week and got feedback on her professional career while I helped her with some SEO on her website.  We talked about her education at Bodymechanics School, what her private massage practice looks like today and her future goals.

Making the decision to open your own business is a challenge for even the most seasoned massage therapist.  Choosing to start your career being your own boss shows tremendous fortitude.  Jennifer chose to open her own practice immediately after graduation and she’s doing well.

Read on for more information on Jennifer’s professional career.

Massage by Brocx

Jennifer’s business is Massage by Brocx and she provides massage services for the greater Olympia Sports MassageOlympia area, as well as Tacoma and Seattle.  She enjoys providing customized massage sessions for all humans seeking pain relief and relaxation.

Jennifer initially started out her practice sharing a room with a fellow massage therapist, but found that situation not ideal for her growth plans so she has moved to the Rainbow Health Center in Olympia.  She loves her new massage home, and is passionate about provide massage to marginalized communities.

Specializing in injury treatment massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage and relaxation massage, Jennifer customizes her massage session to clients goals.


Biggest Challenges

Since opening her own business, Jennifer has had some challenges to overcome.

Finding a space that was in alignment with her core values.  With a primary goal of serving the marginalized communities in Thurston County she needed a place that shared her vision.  The Rainbow Health Center has provided Jennifer with a place to  treat all humans equally,with friendly coworkers, and a community to continue her growth in anti-oppression work.

Building her business. So far, Jennifer has found that word of mouth to build her business has worked the best.  She’s very active on social media and that seems to be working for her.  She says that some clients from her school practice massage hours have followed her and have been very loyal.

Best experiences with business ownership

Jennifer really enjoys sharing what she’s learned with her massage education.  She’s found that many of her clients haven’t received much self-care education – rather they typically get a massage that is not designed to facilitate functional improvement.  By educating her clients on how to incorporate self-care into their daily lives to improve function and range of motion, Jennifer is changing lives – one massage at a time.

Jennifer loves that she has identified her ideal client and strives hard to bring them in the door.  Knowing her passion for massage and her ideal client leads to increased job satisfaction.

Working in the Rainbow Health Center has accelerated Jennifer’s continued growth for anti-oppression work.  A shared core belief allows her to keep learning and growing.

She also really loves her new found flexible schedule.  She’s a part-time, stay-at-home mom to her 3 year old daughter Johanna.

What’s next

After graduation, Jennifer continued her education and is now a BodyMind Bridge Certified Practitioner.  BodyMind perceives both the conscious mind and the creative unconscious mind as valuable and necessary for any forward movement – whether symptom relief or healing – to occur.

Further goals includes becoming a Reiki Practitioner with a deeper understanding of helping clients who have trauma related to sexual assault.


Best part of Bodymechanics School

Bodymechanics School Chair MassageJennifer really appreciated that Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage excelled  in injury treatment education.   Even if client comes for a relaxation massage, they will have better range of motion and feel better when they leave.  She’s not a massage therapist who “just applies lotion.”

She loved making new connections at the school and continues some friendships with her classmates.

Finally, Jennifer expressed that the school and instructors opened doors for her that she didn’t expect – that she changed as a person to be more open minded.

When she started school, she was not ready for BodyMind Bridge training – or even just the concept of BodyMind work –  but Shuna who was her Kinesiology instructor, changed her mind.  Shuna was able to explain the scientific side of energy work with kirlian photography and that made it something she could understand.  Jennifer describes that she evolved as a person while attending Bodymechanics School and that massage has become a gateway to new beliefs on helping people.

We couldn’t be more proud of Jennifer than we are!  Her growth and success is rewarding for the school, and especially for me.  Seeing my students succeed and live a life that they truly love is the most important aspect of school ownership.

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