Bodymechanics School graduate Hilary Olsen has had quite a journey over the past couple of years, leading up to finding her dream job in massage therapy.  I noticed last week a status update she posted on her Facebook page and instantly reached out asking Hilary to share her story.

Hilary’s Facebook post:

I’ll just put this right here for some self promotion. Injury treatment is my main squeeze in Massage Therapy. Shout out to Shari for being ‘da bomb’ at teaching me something valuable I can take everywhere I go. Helping reduce pain and increasing ROM 1 hour at a time!!

Now from Hilary in her words – how she is doing now in massage therapy and how Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage set her up for success.


Graduate Corner:  Hilary Olsen

Let me tell you a story. First of all,  some cold hard facts about my career as a massage therapist.

  • One – I won’t settle for anything less than what Im worth.
  • Two – I love what I do  – comparable to my family, and

As I was sitGraduate Corner: Hilary Olsen, LMTting here yesterday looking at my eleven W2’s from 2016, I couldn’t help but contemplate how I got here. I have my own place in Reno, Nevada. I am a single mother making a living as a massage therapist. What could be better?!

I started my path in a healing field so that I could be a part of something greater everyday.  As a goldsmith for ten years I always felt like there was something missing.  Yes, I did custom pieces and repaired heirlooms.  I  probably even sized your sisters engagement ring. It was rewarding in some aspects. Mostly when the customer would come in, I could hear the joy from the back.  I sat there day after day at the jewelers bench, too busy doing repair to see or feel the joy.
Then I got knocked up, married and got a massage. WOW – I thought that was like the best thing in the world (the massage) and a seed was planted.  My best friends and I decided to go to Canada for an Ani Difranco show.  My bestie drove me nuts the whole ride.  She wanted me to keep stopping at gas stations to warm
up her 2 day old coffee. Her name is Erin, bless her heart because without that trip I don’t know if I would have become a massage therapist. She was working at Bodymechanics as a professional massage therapist.   As we were driving back from Canada in my first trimester of pregnancy, I started crying. Typical, ay? I didn’t know what to do with my career.  I dreaded going into jewelry shops. I hated diamonds.
After you’ve seen as many as I have they become cliche.
I needed something unique.
I needed a Montana sapphire.

I took a leap of faith after talking to Erin. On April 22, 2014 I sat in my first massage class at Bodymechanics School and was hooked. I found the Montana sapphire, but it didn’t come easy or free.  I had to dig, hunt and work hard to get it polished and ready to be set. I learned Latin when I was pregnant.  (I’m pretty sure I should have gotten a reward for that.)  I started with the morning class, but then decided I needed more time and switched to the evening class.   I graduated in exactly a year.

With a new born on my chest and a new career I was set – or so I thought. There were some very hard times ahead of me, but the one thing that helped me through was my massage therapy career.  Its not a job, it’s not a daily grind – massage IS my passion.

I started working 2 jobs – a Chiropractor and a Wellness Center. I had to get some hands on experience.  I am so grateful for that time.  I learned that my main squeeze in body work is injury treatment. Listen and learn from Shari.  Believe me you will be very unique in massage therapy and be an asset wherever you go.In all this mix, however I decided to move back to my hometown – The Biggest Little City In the World – Reno, Nevada.

Now listen up!

In Nevada, prostitution is legal, therefore it is the most difficult state to get a massage license transfered.  I had to pay 500 dollars, get letters from Washington State, get fingerprinted, fill out form after form after form, get more paperwork, get my transcripts transferred,  wait and wait and wait some more.

Finally after 6 months my license came in the mail WHOOOOOOOHOOOO. Bodymechanics School program at 600 hours made it easier to get my license transferred as it meets the requirements of most states.  But the process in Nevada was challenging.

Time to find the ideal job

Remember I said I didn’t Graduate Corner: Hilary Olsen, LMTsettle or give up. I went through 6, 7, 8, 9 jobs before I found  “the one.”  (Reminds me of dating.)  Building a clientele takes time, but as a single mom I was tired of “the hustle.”

For everyone this experience will look different.  I needed routine, a place who marketed their business, who was growing, and was focused on helping me build my practice.  Finally I found Dolce Vita Wellness Spa after months of disappointment.

Dolce Vita Wellness Spa is different.   I have my own clientele and for the most part I’m booked.  I do 4-6 Massages 5 days a week.  I sell memberships  to help bring back recurring clients.  People come back because of the knowledge and skill set from Bodymechanics. I ask everyone to reschedule. I make a plan to reduce pain and increase ROM.  I also give each client stretches to do for self care and create space for them to learn about their bodies. I have also been given to the opportunity to learn Ashiatsu and get certified to teach. Big things are happening because I didn’t give up or settle. Remember the universe always says yes.

Hilary is truly a joy to be around.  Her passion to help people feel better is a cornerstone trait that we look for in potential students.  Her dedication to her career and her clients outcome will definitely set her apart in Nevada.  We couldn’t be more proud of Hilary than we are – knowing that she loves her profession and that she gets to do what she loves every day is rewarding for Bodymechanics.

If you’d like to learn more about our program – and how you can learn techniques that will help you be a massage rockstar like Hilary, lets talk.  Classes are starting soon and we are actively enrolling.

Call (360) 350-0015 for more information.
Committed to your success

Shari Aldrich, LMP
President / Clinical Director