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From Stressed To Successful Massage Therapist

From Stressed to Successful Massage Therapist

His #1 goal with attaining a massage education:

“To find a profession that will make me happy and other people also. To show my son you can be happy with your career and that possibilities are endless. To improve myself and my quality of life.”

I love what he wrote, and I find it very admirable that he is ready to make a change at such a young age.  Seriously, I worked at my job for 16 years before I was ready to make such a drastic change and by then I was almost 40 years old.  Here was my day back then:

It wasn’t until I received my first massage in 2004 as part of my preparation for running the Seattle Marathon that I knew about massage therapy.  My bigger story is that my brother had died at 36 years old in 1997, my mom had passed away at 59 years old in 2000.  During my training for the marathon and after I had received my first massage, my older sister died at 39 years old from a head on collision on I-5 (she crossed over and hit another car.)  I truly thought I would die before I reached 40 years old as well.

When I say that massage therapy saved my life, I’m not exaggerating.  The stress I was under was so high, I was having headaches every day and I’m sure my blood pressure was through the roof.  I took 10-12 Ibuprofen every day for the headaches.

Choosing massage therapy was amazing!  I loved helping people feel better.  I loved connecting with people who were  truly happy to see me – rather than the anger I faced every day in the IT world.

I also interviewed a student who just today applied to join our next weekend class who is also stressed.  Facing another lay off possibility at work (the 5th since 2010), she is deciding to take control of her life also.  She is interested in massage therapy because it makes people feel happy, which would make her happy = double gratification.

Her #1 goal with attaining a massage education:

“Going to something I would love. When I finally leave my job, I want it to be going to something spectacular not running away from something I don’t like.”

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