I received my first massage in 2004 during training for my first marathon. Prior to that massage, I would say I was anti-touch – the idea of a massage seemed too personal to me. The week prior to my first massage, I had walked into a health food store and learned of a massage therapist who was there and offering free sports massage to customers.

The 15-minute stretching session felt really nice. The massage therapist asked if I wanted to schedule a full massage the next week and I said yes. Honestly, I thought that massage would be similar to the free one I had just received. I had no idea what a massage entailed.

I also had no idea that my life was about to be changed by that first massage.

I walked into the session, completed the paperwork and after a brief intake, the massage therapist told me that he would step out of the room so I could prepare myself while he washed his hands. By “prepare myself” he was talking about undressing and getting between the sheets. I was unprepared for that!

I must have looked terrified as I told him “I don’t think I’m ready for that!” He laughed at me, which is a bit unprofessional, but like I said, I must have looked terrified.

Inside my head, I thought “oh, you’re just being a prude, you can do it.
So I prepared myself and got between the sheets.

The MINUTE hands were placed on my back I had an epiphany that massage is what I was looking for my whole life – not as a career, but for my own health and wellbeing.

Over the course of training for the marathon, I started getting weekly massages. At the time, I was a very stressed out IT Director who took 10-12 ibuprofen every day to deal with the headaches I had from the work I was doing. I learned more about the massage profession. I asked a lot of questions and was intrigued.

It wasn’t until I learned about the income potential for massage therapists that I thought this career could possibly be a new direction for me. My family was comfortable with the income I was earning in IT and I felt like I was wearing golden handcuffs. I was earning a better than average salary at the time, and I was unsure how I could do something that wouldn’t stress me out so much.

I started massage school in February of 2005. I went to evening school while I continued to work my full-time job in IT. It was a hard year, but I kept my eyes focused on the end goal – a new career helping others the way massage had changed me when I received my first massage.

Changing lives every day

More than sixteen years later, and as the owner of Bodymechanics School for more than twelve years now, I see the lives we impact on a daily basis.

From students:

The knowledge and opportunities that Bodymechanics shared with me has boosted my confidence in being a successful massage therapist.
Feeling inspired and grateful for this experience. I am excited to be stepping into a path where I can help heal the world one person at a time and have a school to continue to learn with for years to come.

J. C.

My education from Bodymechanics prepared me to confidently provide skillful injury treatment and Swedish massage to a wide variety of clients. The entrepreneurship curriculum made starting my own personal massage practice feel easy and fun. Together these two elements of the program are sure to empower anyone interested in owning their own business as a massage therapist.


I cannot recommend this school enough! Excellent staff and teachers, superb curriculum, and it feels like a wonderfully supportive family. Everyone is working to help you be the best massage therapist you can be and support your bigger dreams.
And for those not interested in school, but want a dynamic, high-quality student massage at a discounted rate, the clinics are one of the best deals around. The dates shift with every class and opportunities are available week days, weekday evenings, and weekends!
I didn’t realize how special this school was until talking with other LMTs about their experiences. Bodymechanics goes above and beyond. Five stars is not enough!


I can honestly say that this school has changed my life. When I started I thought I would just be learning massage and hopefully starting a new career. I was wrong, not only did I learn massage and how to help people, the instructors and owner helped me learn so much about myself. This school is all about helping you grow and determined to help everyone succeed. Thank you for one of the best life changing experiences I could have ever received.


These are powerful testimonials to the life-changing powers that massage school provides. Changing lives… one massage at a time is what we do, it’s what we are passionate about and it drives everything we do.

Have you considered a massage career in the past? Perhaps it’s time to revisit that dream and take a closer look at Bodymechanics School – where we are changing lives… one massage at a time. Take a peek here at the admissions process, and if it feels right, reach out so we can get you started.

Shari Aldrich, LMT
Bodymechanics School