Bodymechanics School proudly supports the local Relay for Life of Thurston County and recently participated in their annual walk to raise funds for cancer research and support of cancer patients. We hope our chair and table massages offered relief to weary walkers over the course of the event.

A couple of people who came to our tables really made an impact on our student, Shajan K.

Shajan Kanacheril

A 75-year-old woman happened to walk by our booth where students and instructor Dawn were offering massages for free to participants and she asked what we were doing.

When she learned we were offering free massages, she exclaimed that she had never had a massage before. Our schedule was full already, but Shajan said “it’s okay, I’ll squeeze her in!

This woman had 2 adult special needs kids with her who needed a lot of attention, and she wasn’t often in a position to take care of herself over her 2 kids.  She described to Shajan that she was 2 years in remission for cancer herself, and was participating as a survivor and also as a caregiver. She used a walker to get around and seemed very fragile to Shajan.

This led me to ponder “Who cares for the caregiver?”  
We often find ourselves so wrapped up in our day-to-day lives that we put ourselves last. This woman was so excited to feel her first massage at 75-years old. 

Upon hearing her story, Shajan called his instructor, Dawn, over to help. Together, they gave her a 4-hand massage. Dawn focused on her upper body and Shajan focused on her lower body, and both of them worked together to gently roll her over on the table.  

She exclaimed often that the massage felt so great and was very appreciative over her new mobility.


Another person who stood out to Shajan told him that she believes her newborn baby discovered her breast cancer by throwing up every time she nursed on one side.

Shajan was so impressed with her positivity and upbeat attitude.

Shajan left the Relay for Life event so happy that he was able to help so many people.  He said “You never know who has never been touched before and the difference you will make it their life.”  He loves that he was called to do this work.

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