Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy and Massage, offering massage therapy school in Tumwater and in Vancouver, is committed to the success of our graduates long after graduation.

Our 8.5 month program for morning and evening classes (and 12 months for weekend classes in Tumwater) are geared towards helping students develop a successful practice from day 1 of school.  During school, students will have access to successful massage therapists as well as be able to network with clinics, spas and other industry specialists to help  them develop their ideal vision for a career.

Specific business building classes help students identify their area of interest in massage therapy.  Market research helps the student figure out if their interest is financially feasible.  Utilizing instructor business experience, students will be able togain valuable business knowledge based upon the concepts that will bring them career satisfaction.

For school owner, Shari Aldrich, success after graduation meant that she didn’t want to work for another “boss” ever again.  She opened her own clinic immediately upon graduation and never looked back.  For other, the idea of starting their own business is intimidating, chasing instead to go to work for a clinic, a spa or chiropractor office.  In both instances, students in Bodymechanics School will have access to different business models so they can “figure it out” and have an idea of what is going to work best for them.

Shari’s commitment to student success has been a work in progress.  The past year has found Shari spending countless hours documenting her ideal flow from student to professional.  The school definitely leans towards teaching students how to run their own business.  That said, we are committed to meeting students where they are and
offer many situations that will help them identify their niche.

Graduates flourish long after graduation. Bodymechanics focus on business and professional development is evident by our continuity of programs – such as mentors, instructor training, continuing education, business development, and community involvement.

 First Year Experience

Business development offered through our exclusive First Year Experience (FYE) program offers support on marketing, mindset, motivation, business growth, workshops, etc. FYE allows network-ob-2us to continue to connect with our graduates and show that education doesn’t stop when the diploma is received.  Bodymechanics will continue to bridge the gap between traditional education models that sees the student graduate, then forgotten soon after.  Too often in massage groups, students complain about their lack of knowledge in business.  Shari is committed to changing this model at Bodymechanics School.

Our commitment to graduate success is further seen by continued business development through an exclusive e-mail list building program designed to connect with the graduates community in “done for you marketing” efforts.

For those who are dedicated to professional development, the  Bodymechanics Training Center, which is focused on growth, will far exceed expectations.

Additional programs for continuing education courses at the school and our own instructor training course develops leaders, mentors and instructors. Graduates of our program are eligible to step into teacher assistant positions; as well as mentor students currently enrolled.


Students on graduation have many options for employment.  There are hundreds of jobs posted in the cities around our schools.  Chiropractors, clinics and spas are actively searching for quality therapists on a daily basis.  In fact, there is a known shortage for massage therapists.  Whether your interest is in working on your own, or for someone else, there are plenty of clients to go around.

Our school foundation of teaching on 4 key components will help graduates succeed anywhere:

  • Technique
    • You need good hands on skills to help a variety of conditions.  Our advanced training program helps set graduates up to immediately help complex pain syndromes.
  • Marketing
    • You need to be able to tell the world about how wonderful you are.  We spend 60+ more hours than is required by the state to ensure our students understand marketing concepts.
  • Communication
    • Having the ability to communicate with your clients about their problems is of utmost importance.  We encourage communication skills throughout the program.
  • Critical Thinking Skills
    • Finally, having the ability to “put it all together” will encourage success.

Now Enrolling

We are currently enrolling for morning massage therapy school in Vancouver with classes starting January 3rd, 2017.
We are enrolling for evening and weekend massage therapy school in Tumwater with classes starting October 31 (evening) and November 5th (weekend).

Registering is easy!
Call today to set up an interview for school, attend an Introductory Massage Therapy Workshop, and apply for school with your $100 application fee.  From there, I meet with students individually to discuss financial options.  Questions?  Lets talk!