Night class enjoys business class and business plan development.
Night class enjoys business class and business plan development.


Bodymechanics School spends 100 hours on business development during massage school. That is 60 hours more than the state requires for business in massage school.

Why do we spend so much time on business development?
It’s simple really.

There is far more required to run a successful massage practice than the actual hands on work that you will do as an LMP. And that is why I consider marketing one of the most important Pillars of Success.  (<— Click to read all of the 4 Pillars of Success)

You can have the best techniques in the world, but if you don’t know how to get the word out to the world, then no one will find you.

Marketing is critical.
How does Bodymechanics School help you in this area?

First, we go far beyond the state required number of business hours in our syllabus. We have instructors who excel in teaching business concepts, and often bring in guest presenters for their area of expertise.

Students will learn

  • Ethics
  • Communicating with the medical professional (and how this will help boost your business)
  • Social media
  • Business plan development
  • Running a business
  • Business structure
  • Niche identification
  • Market saturation
  • Basic business structure understanding
  • Development of your “elevator speech”
  • Networking
  • Plus more

In addition to the excellent business classes at Bodymechanics, Shari offers monthly mentoring classes where she brings in top level marketing strategies she gains from membership in top-level mastermind groups.

We guarantee you the knowledge of business knowledge so that you can get in front of the person you want to and apply your awesome techniques.

We look forward to teaching you all we know about the business of running a business!