Bodymechanics Training Center

Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage was first launched in Olympia WA in 1999. The school grew quickly and developed a reputation of creating exceptional therapists in Olympia, WA, and since those early days, we’ve continued to develop our programs and are committed to teaching more than just a basic massage routine.  The Bodymechanics Training Center is our newest program we’ve created and it’s exciting.  Read on…

Today, Bodymechanics School looks significantly different – we offer our massage therapy program in Olympia and Vancouver, Washington; we have a personal training school; and we offer corrective exercise training and nutrition programs.  And we’re not done yet…

If you were to ask many massage school graduates around the country where they felt their education was lacking, they would most likely tell you that they wished they had a better understanding of business.  I first got a sense of this when I was traveling around the country assisting in continuing education courses where most attendees felt they were missing 2 major components in their education:  body mechanics and business.

  • Most were not prepared to handle the number of massages required to perform in most clinics and spas around the country and how to avoid getting injured.
  • Most were not prepared to run their own businesses – rather they were prepared to become an employee.

Our focus is exactly the opposite.  We teach exceptional massage theory and technique.  We focus on body mechanics every class we teach.  And, we focus on helping students learn about business.  Even if your plan is to work for someone else, you need to understand the components of marketing and communication.  These are vital to your success asPost-It-Note---NEW a practitioner of massage.

To support this, we are launching our newest program – the Bodymechanics Training Center (BTC.)  Education is our
biggest passion.   Teaching others how to excel with client care and operating their own successful business is my biggest passion.  I spent last fall developing the Bodymechanics Training Center , and am excited for the support the BTC will offer students, graduates and the community around us.

Massage schools are not all alike.

Our commitment to innovation continues as we focus on 4 primary areas of student while in school – and overlay the Bodymechanics Training Center on top.

  • Outstanding Techniques
  • Stellar Marketing Tactics
  • Exceptional Communication Skills
  • Critical Thinking Skills

A new brand of massage school is evolving at Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage. Our students crave more than basic information. They desire to help their clients feel better.

We are committed to your success – and we’re here with you every step of the way.


We promote educational opportunities at every turn.  Massage therapy, personal training, community education, continuing education, mentoring, workshops, plus more.  Additionally, through our network, we have developed relationships within the community to promote big opportunities for our students and graduates – whether thru jobs, mentorship, business development, etc.

Keep reading for more information on our student development, professional development and our community education programs.

Bodymechanics Training Center – Student Development

The BTC supports students through tutoring and mentoring, business development, career counseling, externship opportunities, advanced training program, plus much more.  Think high school counseling center on steroids.  To support student development, we’ve sought out past graduates who excelled in school to mentor and tutor students as needed.

Quarterly business workshops are held outside of school for those students who want to jump start their professional career to get additional education.  These workshops are taught by Shari Aldrich, LMP, school owner.  Information in the business workshops come from workshops she attends with top level business experts from around the world.

Monthly check in meetings between administration and the student help keep students on track for graduation – as well as catch problems before they become problems.  Our commitment to student success facilitates professional development.

There is way more in development for our students – so stay tuned because it’s going to be a game changer.

Bodymechanics Training Center – Professional Development

The BTC offers graduates with exceptional opportunities to continue to grow and develop their businesses.

We are reaching out to top level continuing education providers around the country and filling up our CE calendar.  Graduates (as well as students) will expand their knowledge base by learning from a wide variety of modalities and instructors.

Continued business development is offered as graduates are eligible to attend quarterly business workshops offered by Shari.  As space allows, we offer an incubator program for graduates at our Integrative Health Clinic to grow their businesses in a supportive atmosphere.

One of our latest programs in development is our instructor program.  After graduation, we encourage graduates to become mentors and tutors to current students.  As their experience grows, we encourage them to become instructors.   Our instructor training program will prepare graduates to become instructors at any massage school.

Through the BTC – Professional Development center, we offer graduates continued support through our First Year Experience program.  Weekly e-mails with tips on marketing, mindset, motivation, business growth, workshops, etc are sent out to graduates.

There is way more in development for our graduates – so stay tuned because it’s going to be a game changer.

Bodymechanics Training Center – Community Education

The final piece to the BTC is our community education program.  Our Info Sessions and Introductory Massage Workshops are available to the community to learn more about our programs.

We encourage student participation in our community based programs in ways such as teaching basic couples massage to the public with an instructor there offering assistance.  This benefits the student and encourages their professional development.  The community benefits from learning basic massage to support their family.

We are working on a “How To” series of workshops – such as stretching, nutrition, anatomy, plus more.

Through the Bodymechanics Training Center, we are looking to expand our offerings and offer our students, graduates and the community exceptional and advanced training.

At Bodymechanics, we are Creating Exceptional Massage Therapists 
Come and learn to change lives, one massage at a time. 

With classes starting soon, now is the perfect time to jumpstart your next career – one that you love doing because you are helping people to feel better.   Simply pick up the phone and call us at (360) 350-0015 or click here to download information about our program.

I’d love to help  you reach your career goals.  Lets talk soon and see if Bodymechanics School is the right fit for you.

Committed to your success

Shari Aldrich, LMP
Bodymechanics School