Bodymechanics School is nestled tightly in its Tumwater, WA location and continues its mission to steadily create exceptional massage practitioners, year in and year out.   BSMM-building

Bodymechanics School is committed to advanced training, and a commitment to small class sizes, which likely contributes to the success of the program and its graduates.

Advanced education – not a gimmick
Students receive specialized injury treatment and pathology training and utilize the training to provide long lasting relief to those they massage. Often, our students are told their massage is better than most professionals.

Just this morning, I received this review on one of our current morning class students, and she has only been in class for 3 months – yet another strong indication of our advanced program.
“I have had a couple of massages by Laura and wanted you to know I think she is great.  Strong but gentle, very concerned about my comfort, always explaining what she is doing and why.”

Our small class size allows for a more advanced education than what many larger schools can offer, and students are able to get more one-on-one attention to ensure comprehension and application of techniques.

The advanced training at Bodymechanics School is largely focused on posture, structure and activities of daily living to develop an understanding on how these can lead to chronic pain syndromes in the body. Students are taught protocols for treatment that will address many common problems and dysfunctions that they are faced with from their first day in school.

Certification exam success
Because our program is more advanced, our graduates routinely score very high on the certification exams required for licensure with the State of Washington.   But, its more than just high scores on the exam – our graduates excel at the exam, and have maintained a 100% success rate for passing since 2010. (Prior to 2010, when the school was purchased by Shari Aldrich, the success rate was equally impressive at 97%.)

Success with the exam speaks highly of the advanced training, comprehension and critical thinking skills – all hallmarks of students attending Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage.

From Graduate to Community Leaders
One of the pillars of our program is our business track. 100 hours of our 600-hour program are spent developing business skills. Students perform market research, identify niche markets, and develop a business plan as part of the graduation requirements. Our goal is to develop strong massage therapists – technically and business savvy.

Some examples of successful graduates include:

Shari Aldrich, LMP – graduated from BSMM in 2006 and bought the school in 2010. Additionally, she purchased the 6000 square foot building now resides in; a brand new building in 2012 and incorporates her other businesses as part of the students education to create a more well rounded graduate.

Nancy Allen, LMP – graduated from BSMM in 2003 and set up her own private practice along with some classmates. In 2007, Nancy opened up Massage Envy in Olympia WA and has been a major reason for the growth of massage in Thurston County.

Jessie Nearing, LMP – graduated from BSMM in 2006 and worked with a local chiropractor while developing her own model for healthcare. Jessie has recently launched a health and wellness center in Lacey offering many services.

Stephanie Quimby, LMPgraduated from BSMM in 2009 and has spent several years at Massage Envy, developing skills and a comfort with opening her own practice. Stephanie now has a private practice.

Nadine Pingel, LMP – graduated from BSMM in the spring of 2014. Nadine is also a Personal Trainer and utilized her training and knowledge to cultivate a clientele as a student and hit the ground running upon graduation and getting licensed.

Kelli Wise, LMPgraduated from BSMM in 2006. Kelli was a former director with Intel and had a successful massage practice until the state run insurance plan was taken over by Regence. Not being a Regence provider, Kelli saw her practice shrinking. Being resourceful, Kelli utilizes her management, leadership and technical skills in a way to help massage therapists through continuing education classes (Ethics) and website development training.

The graduates of Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage Class of 2013 Morning
The graduates of Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage
Class of 2013 Morning

There are hundreds of similar stories of success from our graduates.
That said, there are many stories of those who chose to not get licensed, those who have changed careers, or who just aren’t as passionate about massage as they thought they would be.  Generally what we have found is that those who are willing to put in the effort will be successful – whether working for themselves or as employees.




New programs to facilitate success
Recently, Bodymechanics School instituted a new program that is optional for those students who want to enhance their education and have a strong desire to jumpstart their career. The new program is part of the developing Advanced Training Program, which will continue to grow.

morning classThis program consists of the Enhanced Education Program, which is a 5-module approach allowing students to gain increased knowledge in a variety of settings. A mentor facilitates the Enhanced Education Program. Participants and their mentor meet monthly to debrief about the experience and recognize lessons they learned and how the program helped them grow.



The 5-modules are:

  • Clinic Shadow
  • Events
  • Fitness Center
  • Ancillary Student Clinic
  • Corrective Exercise Program

Each module exposes students to different settings, paperwork, scheduling, and develops skills to further augment training.

Bodymechanics School – An Innovative Approach
Our mission to create exceptional massage therapists is far more than just a basic education. Everything we do is designed to promote the field, develop skills, and enhance the educational experience. Caring and knowledgeable instructors and staff help guide and develop our student’s skills.

With classes starting this summer and fall – we are ready to help you change your life, and the lives of those you will touch. It’s up to you now, pick up the phone and give us a call.
Committed to your success

Shari Aldrich, LMP

President / Clinical Director