Bodymechanics School – Better Every Class

We just graduated another class at Bodymechanics School on April 27, 2018.  Over the course of 9 months, it seems like graduation is years away.  When in reality, 9 months flies by in a a flash.  Just before a class graduates, we ask students to evaluate our program. They evaluate the course content, the quality of handouts, instructors, and much more.  I tell the students every time that I really take their evaluations very seriously and use their feedback to make the program stronger.  Bodymechanics School – Better Every Class is the real deal.

When I went to Bodymechanics School in 2005-2006 (under different ownership) the program was exceptional. I have such fond memories of my time in school and the friendships I made during my time at Bodymechanics School.

I remember filling out program evaluation forms when I was a student. Past that, I don’t know how our feedback was utilized by the owner of the school. But, I know what I do with the feedback I get from students.  Since I bought Bodymechanics School in 2010, I sit with students for their feedback on our program and I take their feedback very seriously.

Each class has awesome insight into how our program can get better.

And its part of why Bodymechanics School – Better Every Class is a tradition, not just lip service.

Let me tell you why we get better and better.


Way back in 2012, feedback from students triggered me to change the way the school teaches Injury Treatment. It seemed so logical after I got the inspiration from students.  In the past, Injury Treatment was taught in a very segmented way and weren’t connected to the rest of the program at all.

I realized that if I bundled similar classes together that it would help students integrate the information across class segments.  Learn the muscles in function first, then go into muscles in dysfunction.  Brilliant!

This singled approach made so much sense and I wouldn’t have made the change if I didn’t ask students for feedback.


With the addition of our Certified Personal Trainer program, we began integrating some corrective exercise information to the massage students to further solidify the information – and to also teach them how to take care of their own body.  Massage is a very physical job – and taking care of the therapist body is of paramount importance.

Here we began to see the connection between injury treatment and corrective exercise and self-care techniques.  Its powerful mojo.

This idea was again requested by students at program feedback as they wanted to know more about the program and how it could help them and their clients.


This wasn’t a new request, but one I was ready to implement.  Students had long been asking for a better system for the injury treatment information – handouts and video’s.

2016 was the year that I made a major investment and created a book that is used in the classroom instead of mounds of papers that we copied for every student, every class.  I also created a 4 DVD set of all of the injury treatment work that we teach.  It was a huge undertaking and I’m glad it’s done.


Students began requesting that I provide them with more and more business training.  They were requesting that I share more of what I’m learning  from different mastermind groups that I’m involved in.  On program feedback. students requested more information.

This led to the formation of the Network of Businesses – where I bring in my network of professional business leaders in the community and they share their knowledge with Bodymechanics students.  We’ve since held a once a month training that included: a realtor, an accountant, a marketing specialist, a fair and this month an insurance agent.


The class that just graduated triggered yet another idea for me for future classes where a workbook will be created by students as they build their own injury treatment guidebook.  I am excited to begin implementing this book which will become a major resource for students (graduates) to be able to pull out and use as a tool when a client comes in to see them for treatment.

Like I said, we take feedback serious to make the program stronger and to continue our mission to create exceptional massage therapists – one massage at a time.

We start another class next Monday, May 7th in Tumwater.  I can’t wait to learn from them and see how to make Bodymechanics School – Better Every Class again.   Call 360.350.0015 for upcoming class schedules for Tumwater or Vancouver locations.