Bodymechanics – Filling the gap in healthcare

Recently, Ian and I were talking with an interested student for our Certified Personal Trainer program who was excited that she found us – on many levels.  She herself had many health issues in her past that has frustrated her.  She found herself going from doctor to doctor, physical therapists, and other modalities – and not feeling that she had answers to her complex case.  Basically, she had little hope to feeling like herself.

In talking with her, we shared our business model here at Bodymechanics and how we are

Bodymechanics - Filling the gap in healthcare
Bodymechanics – Filling the gap in healthcare

different than other facilities.  Her eyes lit up as she realized how we offered hope for her – and our approach to health was different than she had ever experienced.

She said this to Ian and me:

Bodymechanics is truly filling the gap in our healthcare!  The fact that you will take the time with clients and review their posture and structure, their daily lives and then offer exceptional treatment is revolutionary.

Ian and I both smiled because we knew that we had an answer for her.  We knew that our approach to health was different than most places out there.  And, this is very exciting for us.  We’ve been the best kept secret in town, not especially an enviable position to be in from a marketing point of view.  Yet, we are poised to make a big splash in the next month or so, and soon everyone will know how Bodymechanics fills the gap in healthcare.

Between our school for massage and personal training, to our student clinics, to our fitness classes, to our 1 on 1 personal training, to our professional massage therapists, to our neurosomatic therapist and to our chiropractor – Bodymechanics does more than just fill the gap.

We are educators.  We exceed basic healthcare by educating our clients and members about their health.  So many times, we hear from our clients “why hasn’t someone said this to me before?”  I am never sure how to answer their questions, but I hear that often enough from clients myself.  It’s no wonder that the number of surgeries is growing as people in pain are seeking answers.  The problem with this comes down to a solution to pain – versus a bandaid solution.  We empower our clients to take control of their health by educating them.

Our sense for the future is that manual therapy will plan an even bigger role in healthcare.  Massage therapists and personal trainers will become more important than ever – and this makes it exciting for our students and for those we treat every day.

We are using this knowledge to improve the quality of education we are offering.  Students have the very rare opportunity to work with active clients and members and learn how to treat a variety of conditions.  Members can get student massages – or professional care from our staff.  Clients in the healthcare side are encouraged to seek out physical fitness to improve the quality of their lives- and to enhance the treatment side by gaining strength to hold postures in the correct position.

Bodymechanics is the best kept secret in town.  But, not for long.  Soon everyone will know about us and the work we are doing.  Questions?  Do you have a complex case that no one has been able to help you with?  Give us a call – we can help you.  (360) 350-0015

Committed to  you

Shari Aldrich, LMP