Happy New Year to everyone!
We at Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage couldn’t be more excited for 2014 – and those lives our students and graduates will change with through massage therapy.

School owner, Shari Aldrich, LMP was recently interviewed by reporter Emily McMason for an article in the online publication called Thurston Talk.  The reporter did an excellent job in the article capturing the essence of the businesses housed at 2330 Mottman Road SW, #106 in Tumwater.

(Read the article here===>  Thurston Talk)

There is a synergy that is felt when you first walk in the door of the Bodymechanics building.  First you notice the large lobby, the warm colors on the wall and the smiles of all who are inside.  Directly in front of you is the front desk and you might meet with receptionist / massage therapist Ashleigh who is ready to help you.

To the left of the desk lies the expansive offices that make up Integrative Health Clinic, the professional clinic housing massage therapists, nutritional therapist and a chiropractor.  You might meet with a traveling professional such as a reflexologist or an acupuncturist.  There is a sense of healing in these offices, with clients leaving treatment rooms with a smile on their face and ready to schedule yet again with their therapist.

Look carefully, you might see a student of Bodymechanics School shadowing one of the therapists, taking advantage of every opportunity to enhance their education.  Look again, and you might see two professionals talking about successes in the clinic, or troubleshooting complex cases.  Look yet again, and you might see a trainer from Bodymechanics Fit Body Boot Camp coordinating treatment for a gym member’s injury with the chiropractor.

Straight ahead and behind the receptionist desk there are two doors that lead the way into Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage.  Students in the school are engaged in learning – kinesiology, anatomy and physiology, massage theory and practice, business, and even operating in student clinics.

Again, we can see the comprehensive approach through interaction with the professional staff.  Take the time and you’ll notice the chiropractor demonstrating the Graston Technique to students in massage school.  Professionals in pregnancy massage teach students; as well as top-rated Lomi Lomi instructors.  Upon occasion, students venture into the gym for understanding in movement and stretching routines to educate their clients.

Look to the right of the desk and you notice a long hallway leading to the gym.  Here we have people coming in to get fit and healthy.  Here you’ll see all fitness levels, from beginners to top form athletes.  You’ll find athletes from 15 – 65 years old, all working hard to increase their health and fitness levels.

You might see massage students working out in the gym.  You might see boot camp members taking advantage of the free monthly student massage – or taking it further and getting treatment from the professional therapists.

Bodymechanics School students are engaged in learning and are enveloped in an environment that is built to increase  the likelihood that graduates excel in their chosen career.

Learn more about our comprehensive approach to education by calling Hayley at (360) 786-8582.  As the assistant to the owner and a graduate of the program herself, she can guide you towards enrolling in our program and set up an interview.