Who wants to be their own boss?

Today is Administrative Assistant day.  To those of you who have administrative assistant jobs – much thanks for all your hard work.  I’ve been there – and I know that it IS hard work to answer phones, file papers, type, take messages, and all the other thousand things that you need to get done every day.

Today, I hope that you are thinking of one day being your own boss!

Today, lets celebrate this being your LAST Administrative Assistant day ever.

Because, today you can decide to be your own boss.  The truth is, in the next 8 months you can get a great massage education at Bodymechanics, and be all set to be your own boss just a few short weeks after graduation.

How does that sound?  Can you envision being your own boss and making your business fit into your life, instead of the other way around?  I know because I’ve been there.  I was the assistant for many years.  I had bosses – some good, and some bad.  The day when I said no more was the best day of my life!

Now I work hard and I’m the boss and I set my life around my business.  Honestly, I work harder than ever – but it’s mine.

Can I count on seeing you before the May 4th start?  If so, click here and lets get started!
It would be great to help you celebrate this being your last Administrative Assistant day ever and on the path to business ownership.

Committed to your success