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Creating Exceptional Massage Therapists

2 Locations to serve you:


  • Massage Therapy


    • Morning Classes start January 30, 2018
    • Evening Classes start May 7, 2018
    • Weekend Classes start November 3, 2018


  • Personal Training

    • Morning – CPT (Level 1) Classes start March 5, 2018


Shari Aldrich, LMP

School Owner/Director; Instructor of Injury Treatment Classes, Business, Ethics and Marketing, Mentor

Shari is the school owner and director. She is a graduate of the Bodymechanics School program in 2006 and became an instructor 4 months after graduation. In July, 2010, Shari became the school owner. She teaches advanced massage techniques, injury treatment modalities, as well as business, ethics and marketing classes. Shari is the creator of a seminar titled “Structural Sickness: Is Your Posture Making You Sick?” and created weekend CE seminars related to treatment work for LMPs. Additional areas of study include nutrition, fitness and strength coach, and personal training. She has completed advanced coursework in neurosomatic studies.

Christy Cael, LMP

Instructor of Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology.

Christy Cael

Shuna Morelli, LMP MS

Instructor of Kinesiology, Advanced Training Program Mentor

Sheryl (Shuna) Morelli. LMP, holds a Master of Science Degree in Integrative Science Education and has taught high school biology and human anatomy for 18 years. In addition to teaching high school classes, Shuna has taught at several massage schools and continuing education classes in the Northwest. Shuna has been licensed as a massage therapist for over 12 years.

Wayne Johnson, LMP

Instructor of Massage Theory and Practice, Student Clinic

Wayne Johnson, LMP teaches classes in massage technique and student clinics. With thousands of massage hours, Wayne has the clinical experience to give a deeper understanding of massage techniques. He brings a flair to the classroom with his humor and an enthusiastic approach to the material at hand. Students have always enjoyed Wayne’s positive attitude. Wayne’s curiosity about the body has pushed him to continue to study on his own subjects such as: nutrition, energy and muscle techniques.

James Wagoner, LMP

Instructor of Massage Theory and Practice, Student Clinic


Scott Leisure, LMP

Instructor of Kinesiology


Hayley Aldrich, LMP

School Administrative Assistant

Hayley is the school’s Administrative Assistant. She works along side instructors in class preparation, student clinic scheduling as well as assists the school director with recruitment, interviews, and other necessary school tasks. Hayley’s previous job in a college counseling center has given her great insight into recruitment and guiding students along the path to success.

Ashleigh Aldrich, LMP FSC

Assistant Massage Theory & Practice Instructor, Bookkeeper, Tutor

Ashleigh is a graduate of the Bodymechanics School and is now an Assistant Instructor. She also tutors students in all subjects, and assists with student clinic and hands-on work. Ashleigh is also working towards a Personal Training certificate and has completed course work in becoming a fitness and strength coach and a nutritional therapist. Students appreciate Ashleigh’s knowledge of the body in help with understanding the coursework.

Family Oriented

You’ll notice that Shari’s daughters both help with administration of the school.  Both of them have been through the program themselves and are invaluable in their guidance and assistance; to Shari, to staff and to students.  In fact, their children are working towards becoming the 3rd generation of Bodymechanics staff 🙂



2330 Mottman Road #106 Tumwater WA 98512

(360) 350-0015


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